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Title Rating Synopsis
Altair: A Record of Battles Buy See Shoukoku no Altair
Battle Game in 5 Seconds Unevaluated See Deatte 5-byou de Battle

Bishounen Tanteidan
Unevaluated The requirements to be a member of the Pretty Boy Detective Club are simple: be pretty, be a boy, and be a detective. It is a secret organization that rumor says operates at Yobiwa Academy Middle School; opinions are split on whether it solves or creates more problems. The club offers its services to Mayumi Dojima, who has an unusual problem: she has lost a star.

Deatte 5-byou de Battle
Unevaluated Akira Shiroyanagi is a habitual video gamer who uses the games to escape from his frustrating reality. As such, he's seen as a 'total weirdo' by some of his classmates (though his grades are actually quite good). He'd like a game that he can truly become 'immersed' in. What he definitely wasn't expecting and didn't want was to be drafted to take part in an 'ability focus group' which apparently uses people who have been wiped from public records to test bizarre fighting skills. Akira's philosophy that life itself as a sort of a game, and that with sufficient planning and preparation any game can be beaten, will now be put to the ultimate test.

Unevaluated For as long as he can remember, Chuta Kokonose has been hearing and conversing with a strange voice within his head. His mumbling has led to him being considered weird and to the girl he secretly likes despising him. But it turns out that he isn't going insane after all--he just has an alien entity within him, an alien of such remarkable capabilities that the space police unit elDLIVE would like to recruit the two of them.

Kemono Jihen
Buy 'Dorotabo' is a unpopular and shunned boy in a small town. When a curious private detective, Kohachi Inugami, is summoned to investigate the bizarre deaths of domesticated animals, he realizes why this is. Dorotabo (real name: Kabane) is actually a Kemono, a 'being that lurks in the world's shadows and is involved with humans but undetected by them'. Inugami (who is a Kemono himself) also recognizes useful supernatural abilities within Dorotabo/Kabane and recruits him to work with the business he runs, the 'Inugami Strangeness Counseling Office'.

Unevaluated In a dystopian future, Echo is a scavenger who salvages useful scrap metal from mountains of trash left from better days. The people live in fear of the 'Earless', strange gigantic monsters that occasionally attack them. One day he meets Myu, an odd girl with amnesia, and begins to wonder if she might be a 'Player', a fabled hero who can defeat the Earless.

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun
Unevaluated Iruma Suzuki has been sold by his worthless parents to a Demon, 'Sullivan', who has no grandsons and desperately wants one. As such, he'll be attending the Babyls Demon school. He had better keep the fact that he is actually a human secret, since Demons literally eat humans for lunch.
Pretty Boy Detective Club Unevaluated See Bishounen Tanteidan

Shoukoku no Altair
Buy Mahmut Pasha is a prodigy and the youngest member of the Turkiye Stratocracy's council of Pashas. After a traumatic childhood experience during an ill-fated war twelve years ago, he seeks to maintain peace between Turkiye and it's aggressive neighbor, the Balt-Rhein Empire. But not all the Pashas are able to maintain cool heads like his.
Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun Unevaluated See Mairimashita! Iruma-kun
エルドライブ Unevaluated See ēlDLIVE
リスナーズ Unevaluated See Listeners
出会って5秒でバトル Unevaluated See Deatte 5-byou de Battle
将国のアルタイル Buy See Shoukoku no Altair
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