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For as long as he can remember, Chuta Kokonose has been hearing and conversing with a strange voice within his head. His mumbling has led to him being considered weird and to the girl he secretly likes despising him. But it turns out that he isn't going insane after all--he just has an alien entity within him, an alien of such remarkable capabilities that the space police unit elDLIVE would like to recruit the two of them.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3306#628]
(Three episodes watched):

Despite my considerable skepticism going in, I must admit that the premise of elDLIVE turned out to be a modestly amusing and intriguing. The jokes in episode one were OK though not LOL, and the writer seemed to know what he/she was doing as a number of potential conflicts/opportunities were set up--like, was elDLIVE really recruiting Kokonose or the Nonitalien within him? How will he demonstrate that he, too, can be of value to the unit? And the girl he likes but who hates him being a member of elDLIVE as well was devilishly intriguing. I noticed that the facial expressions ranged from simplistic to surprisingly good. But shows have a premise and a story, and both need to be good in order for the show itself to be considered good as well. While the premise of elDLIVE has considerable potential, the story didn't excite me. I can feel for Yuuta and wish that he will develop some self-confidence, but as the show progresses the jokes rapidly became less funny. They are more weird than funny, you might say; for instance, am I supposed to know that 'moon men' (I had thought he was a banana man) are widely assumed to not have any arms (but in fact they do)? And the cases that Yuuta and Kokonose solve aren't very intriguing. I hope Yuuta overcomes his problems, but please don't expect me to sit and watch, because I don't like him that much. I don't sense a strong plot coming together and the jokes are too mediocre to watch a show with a weak one.

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