Bokutachi no Remake

Title:Bokutachi no Remake
Remake Our Life!
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ITOU Masahiro
28 year old Kyouya Hashiba regrets a choice he once made. He was accepted to Oonaka Arts, a cutting edge visual arts school. But, fearing that he wouldn't be up to the challenge, he chose to attend a more pedestrian school. The result has been a disappointing career in mediocre video game companies. He wonders if taking the risk ten years ago might have earned him a place in the revered 'Platinum Generation' which is composed of artists of his age. But the past is past--until, that is, one day he wakes up ten years younger and newly enrolled at Oonaka.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4336#628]
(Five episodes watched)

Episode one was around 50 minutes long, with the episode continuing for a good while after the credits roll. The first segment seemed intriguing if sometimes confusing, while in the second one we get a bit of cheap crapola, i.e, the typical 'someone trips and lands in a suggestive position' bit. Was this intentional, as some sort of self parody? It seemed distinctly out of place in what was otherwise a respectable show. My confusion came from, if I understood things correctly, there being no less than three alternate realities that Kyouya cycles through, apparently completely at random. There's his ordinary, miserable life, his reset life at Oonaka, and a return to his crappy first job at a questionable studio (perhaps that was just a memory or a joke, but I wondered how many alternate realities there would be). I also wondered if there would ever be any explanation of how this had happened. Still, I was curious how this time travel would work out, and the characters seemed fairly interesting and likable, so I decided to watch episode two of Remake.

Episode two seemed to be more about how Kyouya will struggle through his freshman year at Oonaka than about the effects of his time travel, which seemed to me to be an example of concentrating on what was by far the less interesting of the two. At one point I was wondering why the time travel bit was included at all. Why not just make an anime about someone who gets it right the first time around? There was one scene where (if I understood things correctly) Kyouya inadvertently uses an idea his friend once dreamed up, and the friend demands to know how that could have possibly happened. I hoped that maybe this guy would begin to wonder if something like time travel (or mind reading) had taken place. But in fact it was about the only time anything like people taking time travel seriously happened in the series as far as I watched it. About the only thing at risk here seems to be that Kyouya might fail in his second attempt to make something of himself as well as the first. In episode four two of his friends get into a fight about whether one of them is truly qualified to be an actress, which seems to devastate one of them, but in the end the whole matter is resolved within 23 minutes and everyone's happy again. Right... And there's another incident of crass fanservice, as if the makers of this show sensed that viewers weren't going to keep coming back unless a hot girl lost the top of her bikini. The technical aspects of making short films are sort of interesting, but not interesting enough to compensate for uninteresting characters and plot. To summarize, this show doesn't seem to be making much of an effort to exploit the most novel element of its premise, namely the idea that a person can go back in time and be granted a second chance at a career. Since that possibility really is (fairly) novel, I want this show to concentrate on it--That is why I kept watching for five episodes. But it doesn't. It barely gets a mention. Kyouya doesn't ask himself why he deserved a 'reset', or who provided it, or whether his life might reset yet again at any moment. The plot minus that doesn't excite me, so why should I keep watching? Ultimately, I decided not to.

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