List Titles with KOGA Aoi

Title Rating Synopsis
Angel's 3Piece Unevaluated See Tenshi no 3P
Here Come the Three Angels Unevaluated See Tenshi no 3P
Tenshi no 3 Piece! Unevaluated See Tenshi no 3P

Tenshi no 3P
Unevaluated Kyo Nukui is a shut-in amateur composer who seldom appears in school and instead plays the electric guitar and synthesizes music which he posts on the internet. One day, he gets an e-mail from an admirer who would like to meet him, and he reluctantly agrees. He had expected a mature man, but what he gets are three ten year old girls who have formed a rock group of their own at the orphanage where they live, and who have a proposal for him.

Two Car
Unevaluated Miyakejima is known as 'The Mecca of Kneeler Racing', which is the hot new sport of girls motorcycle/sidecar racing. The Girls High School Racing Kneeler National Tournament is held there, thanks to it being an island with a circular course around it's shoreline and a lack of speed limits. Yuri Miyata and Megumi Meguro hope to break into this field, in which each pair of driver/rider (who serves a useful purpose by skillfully shifting her weight about) has its own gimmick to draw public attention.
Two Car: Racing Sidecar Unevaluated See Two Car
つうかあ Unevaluated See Two Car
天使の3P! Unevaluated See Tenshi no 3P

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