Burn The Witch

Title:Burn The Witch
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Notables: Animation - Studio Colorido
TANO Asami
Unknown to the city's population, 72% of all deaths in London are actually caused by Dragons. But most people cannot see them and are completely ignorant of their existence--and of the existence of a secret city administration that keeps them under control, 'Reverse London'. Ninny Spangcole (blond) and Noel Niihashi (black hair) are two witches who serve Reverse London and keep the city safe for ordinary citizens.

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Judging from the title, I had assumed that this movie would be about the persecution of witches, but on the contrary they seem to enjoy a privledged status in the secret shadow government of London. Burn The Witch wasn't nearly as 'dark' as I had expected; it even has a touch of humor to it. This movie (subdivided into three roughly 20-minute long segments) seems to be based on a manga. It felt as if anyone watching was expected to be already familiar with the premise (terms like 'dragonclad', for instance), because not a whole lot of effort was made to explain things. In fact, it felt like episodes 7, 8 and 9 of a series, not 1, 2 and 3. It sort of reminded me of a few old OVAs which were actually a couple trial episodes of a potential TV series that was cancelled and the episodes released to recoup some of the money that was invested in them. As a result I couldn't get completely engaged with the story here. Who, again, is this Mungo Parks guy and why is he important? The notion that dragons are to blame for so much mayhem yet remain unknown to the general public was hard to take seriously. The climax comes when about the last person I would have expected reveals and employs remarkable power--I guess that made sense to the manga readers. Character designs are pretty simple with little or no shading or highlighting; they definitely don't match with the more elaborate background art very well. But Ninny and Noel are kind of fun characters who work well together, and if I had a better idea of what is going on this might have been more fun. But I just felt that this show had never been meant for newcomers to Burn The Witch like me.

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