Chiisana Eiyuu: Kani to Tamago to Toumei Ningen

Title:Chiisana Eiyuu: Kani to Tamago to Toumei Ningen
Modest Heroes
Ponoc Short Films Theatre
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Notables: R1 License - GKIDS
Modest Heroes consists of three shorts by three different directors: "Kanini & Kanino" ("Kanini to Kanino") by Hiromasa Yonebayashi is a 15-minute fantasy adventure story of two crab siblings. "Life Ain't Gonna Lose" ("Samurai Egg") by Yoshiyuki Momose is a 15-minute "human drama" showing the love between a mother and a boy. "Invisible" ("Tōmei Ningen") by Akihiko Yamashita is a 14-minute "action spectacle" that centers on the lonely struggle of one invisible man. Studio Ponoc describes the shorts as "tales of modest heroes of our times."
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53-minute film anthology.
Animated by Studio Ponoc.
Licensed by GKids.
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Rent 9 9 9 6 7 Ggultra2764 [series:3811#1552]
Modest Heroes is a film anthology depicting a trilogy of short films depicting different mundane struggles faced by different characters. "Kanini and Kanino" & "Invisible" are more fantastical with their premises with the former concerning a pair of crab siblings trying to reunite with their family and the latter concerning an invisible man concerned over the loss of his existence. "Life Ain't Gonna Lose" is the most grounded of the trilogy exploring a mother attempting to deal with her son's allergy to eggs. All three shorts are well structured enough to tell their stories without overstretching things within their short runs and offer relatable developments for audiences to care for, most notably Life Ain't Gonna Lose with its human story. The shorts are also nicely animated with fluid movement and nicely animated details, this perhaps best shown in Kanini and Kanino with its nice depiction of the crab siblings swimming naturally within the water throughout their adventure. The rewatchability of Modest Heroes may be limited given the limited time frame of each short in this anthology. But I'd at least recommend checking it out at least once.

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