Kaitou Saint Tail

Title:Kaitou Saint Tail
Mysterious Thief Saint Tail
Saint Tail
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Notables: TACHIKAWA Megumi
Meimi is just an ordinary student by day, but by night she is the mysterious thief known as Saint Tail. Avoiding the police and retrieving stolen items from thieves with her magic tricks and brains, Saint Tail also contends with her peer, Asuka Jr. who will do anything to unmask her!

43 episodes (released in 1995-1996)
Produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha
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Watch 6 5 6 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:364#1552]
Saint Tail is mostly an episodic magical girl series focused on the exploits of Meimi as the thief Saint Tail, who steals from those who stole items or gained them dishonestly from others. On her trail is love interest Asuka Jr. who is single-mindedly obsessed with tracking down the thief and becomes a sort of junior detective assigned by the mayor to deal with her escapades. On the one hand, the premise for it is a unique one for a magical girl series as Meimi doesn't actually have magical powers as she uses stage magic tricks and her natural physical prowess to commit her thefts. On the other hand though, the episodic format of the series hurts it greatly since many episodes for Saint Tail tend to follow the same plot setup with Meimi getting in some sort of argument with Asuka Jr., the "victim of the week" professing their problem to Seira, the villain of the week relishes in their theft, Meimi becomes Saint Tail to deal with the evil doer without much issue, returns the stolen item to the victim, and the formula repeats. As a result of the setup, the series doesn't devote anytime to exploring developments and backgrounds to the major cast members such as how Meimi decided to become Saint Tail and any convincing developments that build up in her relationship with Asuka Jr. There are some episodes that bend the formula a bit with some characters coming along to halt Meimi's theft who are more convincing obstacles than Asuka Jr. and the final several episodes in the series actually have an ongoing plot where we learn more of Meimi's family with a former rival of her mother trying to seek revenge on Saint Tail. Still, there's enough of a gap between these unique episodes where you have to struggle through the typical episodic story setups littered throughout Saint Tail. Unless you're a diehard magical girl anime fan, this is one series you don't have to bother tracking down unless you can rent it or watch it from some other means besides buying the decade-plus old Tokyopop DVDs that came out for the series in the 2000s.

Last updated Thursday, November 26 2015. Created Thursday, November 26 2015.
Buy Violet D [series:364#1393]
This anime is cute and fun to watch. It is an older one so I am not sure you can find it anywhere unless you go to best buy or rent from Neflex. I loved it though and always wanted to know if Jr. or her got together. I only got to watch up to episode 12 and then tried to order more episodes from Hastings but it was deleted. If you get a chance though it if fun to watch for all ages.

Last updated Friday, June 17 2005. Created Friday, June 17 2005.
Watch 7 7 6 5 4 4 Kaitou Sindbad [series:364#1542]
The story is a bit too simple compared to other shoujos, but overall, it was okay. the story was very straight to the point and fast.

Last updated Friday, August 13 2004. Created Friday, August 13 2004.
Watch 9 9 8 7 9 0 Tiph [series:364#516]
This is one of the best shojus ever!

Last updated Thursday, January 30 2003. Created Thursday, January 30 2003.
Rent 7 7 7 8 8 7 kakyuu_prince [series:364#404]
I picked up the first volume of this series because the idea of a magical girl as sort of a Robin Hood type thief sounded interesting. The music is good, the opening and closing themes were nice and the BGM was a pleasant violin melody. The weakest part of the show is probably the characters and animation. They're predictable and cookie-cutter mahou shoujo type characters. They're supposed to be in 8th grade but that's ridiculous, they look like (and act like) 5th grade at oldest. The art makes them look like little kids. Meimi wasn't too terribly interesting and Asuka Jr. (everyone seems to call him junior, ugh) was boring. The entire premise of the show is weird, Meimi goes to a private catholic school where her best friend, Sara (Seira, whatever) is a "nun-in-training" (wtf?) and takes the "information" that she gets out of taking confession and TELLS it to Meimi so that she can steal something BACK for some unfortunate person. Right. First of all, are you even allowed to start training to become a nun in 5th grade? I don't care if they're officially in 8th grade, they don't look like it or act like it at all so I I'm going to refer to these kids as 5th graders. Second, nuns don't take confessions, and even if they did 10 year old nuns-in-training wouldn't do it, and even THEN telling ANYONE what someone told you in a religious confession is strictly forbidden. Even if it would help people, you just can't.
So ignoring the liberties that the creators have taken with Christian or catholic customs, the show is pretty bland anyway. Every episode follows the same ploy, Saint Tail goes out and gets the item back and Junior (ugh) tries but fails to catch her with his incompetence, with his stupid official badge from the mayor thing.
If you want a good magical girl series, watch Cardcaptor Sakura, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, or Fancy Lala. Leave Saint Tail for a rental.

Last updated Sunday, November 03 2002. Created Sunday, October 20 2002.
Buy 7 7 7 7 Kaitou Juliet [series:364#137]

If anime were food, this show would be cotton candy. It's pure spun sugar: light, airy, and almost unbearably sweet. I think this show even beats Card Captor Sakura in the sweetness department.

The premise is similar to Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, but it's pulled off in a lighter fashion. While KKJ has some angst and emotional issues, St. Tail is a pure confection of fun with a delightful romantic comedy thrown in for good measure. Also features the world's softest hedgehog!

Last updated Wednesday, July 24 2002. Created Tuesday, February 12 2002.

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