Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Title:Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Divine Wind Thief Jeanne
Phantom Wind Thief Jeanne
Thief of the Heavenly Wind Joan of Arc
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Notables: KUWASHIMA Houko
Original Concept - TANEMURA Arina
TSURU Hiromi
16 year old Marron goes to high school with her best friend Miyako, lives in an apartment by herself, and just so happens to have to soul of Jeanne D'Arc (Joan Of Arc). She moonlights as a thief named Jeanne who vanquishes demons that possess works of art and the people that admire them. To do this, she must steal the actual object, which is why people think she's more of a thief than a heroine. To makes things a bit more interesting, Miyako's father is the head detective on catching Jeanne, and Miyako is just as determined to catch her. Smooth talking Chiaki moves into the apartment next door to Marron, and also turns out to be a rival thief, Katiou Sinbad. Can rival thieves fulfill their purpose while falling in love?

44 TV Episodes
Animation by Toei Animation
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Watch 8 8 7 5 2 2 aoneish [series:141#1615]
To be honest, I thought this series was about as deep as a drop in a bucket, which is okay for a majou shoujo series. But I love the likes of Card Captor Sakura and MS Lyrical Nanoha, so this was extremely disappointing.

There is SLIGHT depth to it, we see backgrounds and motivations and whatnot. I did find myself crying at times. Chiaki's surprisingly (and enjoyably) brash. But that's only at the beginning. Everything else in between is mostly useless filler, hell, every episode is mostly useless filler. near the end, things pick up again with the appearance of noin and myst. noin's methods were interesting. very different from everything else cause he attacked psychologically. he's the only interesting character (although HIS logic is worst of all), his motives are his own and for neither god nor the devil. chiaki also has a personal motive (cause he loves her) but only noin is a truly dynamic character. and he developed in like 5 episodes! cause from beginning to end, there is no real development for our main characters maron, chiaki, and even side character miyako, they all stay static. well, chiaki gradually gets more and more useless by the end and becomes emotional support really, no joke. iinchou has more development than them!

The thing between the Kaitous and the cops, and the whole demon-of-the-week thing is entirely uninteresting. She uses her brain to get out of situations? well those "situations" that the cops put her in are entirely unimpressive. I fastforward through those parts.

her transformation and "checkmate" cut scenes are just annoying.

Logic in this series is just..almost nonexistent. severely annoying. jeanne regarding sinbad and access' intentions, the police regarding jeanne's capture, the whole entire "god needs the power of sealed demons!!" and then finally "the sealing of demons was for the devil!!" crap, sinbad's bullheaded "i'll protect her"--in the most retarded way possible, ending in him being hurt.

and oh my god my favorite line--"god forgot he was god, (and) fell in love with Jeanne."!!! and so on and so forth. very annoying. i was so unbelievably happy when they started to get a clue near the end. but even that didn't pan out much.

this should not have been a 44 episode series. i wouldn't have been so annoyed at going through the "heists" and the transformations. whoever wrote the plot was obviously on crack, they actually made god such a despicable character. and really, this should be an AVOID as it aggravates me so much, but it does have a plot, and a resolution so at least watch it and decide for yourself. maybe i expect too much out of a mahou shoujo, it took sailor moon what? six seasons to get serious?

Last updated Sunday, October 08 2006. Created Monday, October 02 2006.
Buy 8 9 10 7 9 Kaitou Sindbad [series:141#1542]
Lovely series. The story moves a bit fast at some places, and the later characters, like Noin and Mist, appear at a nicely coordinated time. Not your typical Sailor Moon anime, but yes, i thought it strongly resembled Saint Tail in the beginning, but it turned out to be completely different

Last updated Friday, August 13 2004. Created Friday, August 13 2004.
Buy 8 8 6 9 Kaitou Juliet [series:141#137]

Note: Review written after watching first season (28 episodes) only. To start with, you have to be comfortable with the standard trappings of both shoujo and mahou shoujo (magical girl) series. I don't think it will have much appeal for people who aren't willing to take it on those terms. But within that framework, this is one of the best!

Maron is no clumsy heroine in the Sailor Moon mode, but clever and capable from the very start. She can't blast policemen with a magic wand; she has to come up with ways to escape from increasingly elaborate traps with only a grappling ball.

The supporting cast is strong as well. Maron's best friend Miyako is the daughter of a detective, and she is determined to help her father catch Jeanne. There's Fin Fish, the mini-angel who assists Jeanne in her duties and sometimes provides comic relief. Chiaki, Maron's neighbor and love interest, also masquerades as the enigmatic Phantom Thief Sindbad, with his own angel assistant, Access Time. Finally there's Iinchou, the class president, who goes from ultra-nerd to self-assured friend as the first season progresses.

The artwork is lovely: Very nice character designs, and Jeanne in action is all swirling hair and gymnastic moves. The plot can be monster-of-the-weekish, especially towards the beginning of the series, but still fun. (If you like this series, check out Saint Tail also; it has a similar premise.) The ongoing story is more emotional: gradually we learn why Maron lives alone, and how desperately lonely she is. We also learn about the depth of Miyako's friendship and determination, and about Iinchou's wishes and insecurities. Chiaki is still somewhat myserious at the end of the first season, although we are starting to find out what's driving him as well.

Oh yeah, one more small warning: the theology is extremely goofy. Maron's the reincarnation of a religous figure from a religion that doesn't believe in reincarnation? God's going to, uh, die if she doesn't round up the demons? Uh, yeah. It's probably best not to take that part too literally.

Bottom line: A real treat for shoujo and mahou shoujo fans.

Last updated Friday, October 18 2002. Created Monday, February 04 2002.
Buy 8 8 9 7 9 Anonymous #130 [series:141#130]
Story is really nice (not just the taking evil from possession of items) but the story that goes on other than that. You should really get it fansubbed :) Sachi's is the greatest!

Last updated Thursday, January 25 2001. Created Thursday, January 25 2001.
Buy Jenn-chan [series:141#31]
I LOVE this series. It's kind of a modern take on the magical girl stuff. Marron is not clumsy, stupid, or one-dimensional. She has to use her brain to get by all the traps she encounters as Jeanne, kinda like James Bond stuff. No long transformation sequences or cheesy attacks either. There's a kick-butt soundtrack too! Geez, is there anything I don't like about this series?

Last updated Tuesday, April 25 2000. Created Tuesday, April 25 2000.

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