Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge

Title:Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge
HUNTER×HUNTER 緋色の幻影(ファントム・ルージュ)
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Notables: Animation - Madhouse
R1 License - Viz Media (Shopro)
One day, Kurapika spots a child who looks very similar to his childhood friend, Pyro. However, when he catches up to him, the boy steals Kurapika's eyes with some kind of magical power. Gon, Leorio, and Killua promise to help find who took his eyes and get them back, but Killua is having his own problems when he is forced to face his past and whether he really is worthy to have Gon as a friend.
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95-minute film released on January 12, 2013.
Animated by Madhouse.
Licensed by Viz Media.
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Watch 8 7 8 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:3621#1552]
Suppose even Hunter X Hunter (2011) can't escape the trap of animators wanting to make a quick buck off it with an anime-exclusive film adaptation like other shounen anime of its ilk. Phantom Rouge lacks the complex intricacies with its plot and characters that allows Hunter x Hunter to stick out as one of the better quality shounen titles, and instead is given a rather shallow anime-only villain that Gon and his friends have to contend with that is a former Phantom Troupe member, with this film taking place following the Yorknew City arc. To pad out the runtime for this film, it chooses to disregard the character development and depth that the major characters underwent through their tribulations and have some of them redo the growth that they underwent from the TV anime, this issue sticking out prominently with Kurapika and Killua. The film noticeably has a bit more polish in its artwork compared to the TV series. Still, Phantom Rouge only exists as a cash grab for Madhouse to make money off the Hunter x Hunter anime no differently from other shounen anime that have been made. This film is mostly skippable as you won't miss out on much if you choose not to watch it.

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