Hunter X Hunter - OVA

Title:Hunter X Hunter - OVA
Hunter X Hunter: OVA 1
ハンターxハンター OVA
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Notables: Original Concept - TOGASHI Yoshihiro
Having passed the 'Hunters Exam', Gon and Leorio are surprised to find out that they still have to prove themselves as Hunters of note. They hear from Hisoka that Kurapica is still intent on revenging the loss of his village and is now hunting down the bandit group (the Spiders) responsible for the dastardly act. After some discussion, Kurapica alongside with Gon, Killua and Leorio decide to capture a Spider member whose special ability would have the most devastating effect on Kurapica. And so the hunt begins.

8 OVA episodes (~23min each)
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