Ulibyeol Ilhowa Eollugso

Title:Ulibyeol Ilhowa Eollugso
The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow
우리별 일호와 얼룩소
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An adventure by Il-ho the Satellite Girl and a shy cow to save the world from a black monster.
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81-minute film that premiered on February 20, 2014.
Licensed by GKIDS.
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Watch 8 8 8 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:3618#1552]
This bizarre romantic comedy from South Korea focuses on a satellite that takes on human form to uncover the origins of a song being transmitted, that is coming from a lovesick cow who was formerly human. Outside of its bizarre character elements, Satellite Girl and Milk Cow is standard rom-com fare at its core with I-ho the satellite girl and our titular cow try sorting out a means for the latter to become human again, while evading a literal walking incinerator intent and other foes that get in the way of the two. While it does have some interesting symbolism involving the cow's love woes and moving on from them, I mostly got the impression that this film was mostly trying to get by on how bizarre its characters and premise were. While certainly creative in said bizarre elements, I didn't feel any deep attachment to the romance that develops between I-ho and the cow-man due to the film seeming to be a bit too dependent on trying to get weird with its ideas. It's worth a look at least, but your mileage will certainly vary with how well you warm up to it.

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