Tekken: Blood Vengeance

Title:Tekken: Blood Vengeance
鉄拳 ブラッド・ベンジェンス
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Notables: Animation - Digital Frontier
High school student Ling Xiaoyu is recruited by Anna Williams of G Corporation to transfer to Kyoto University and gather information on a student named Shin Kamiya. Meanwhile, Jin Kazama, the current head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, sends Alisa Bosconovitch to the university for the same mission. Though they do not know each other's true motives, Xiaoyu and Alisa become close friends. However, their friendship is put to the test when Shin is captured by an unknown assailant.
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92-minute film released on July 26, 2011.
Animated by Digital Frontier.
Based on Namco's Tekken fighting video game series.
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Watch 10 10 9 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:3609#1552]
Tekken: Blood Vengeance attempts to put together a film-original plot focused on Ling Xiaoyu getting caught up in the middle of a plot with Jin's Mishima Zaibatsu and Kazuya's G Corporation tracking the activities of a high school student named Shin Kamiya. The plot's nothing to write much about as it's mostly an excuse to set up the conflict found in the final third of the movie between Heihachi, Jin, and Kazuya. The animation for Blood Vengeance is a considerable improvement over the horrible 90s OVA series with its lifelike and nicely-rendered CG animated characters and fluid movement nicely showed off in the film's action scenes. Still as Blood Vengeance existed mostly as a promotion of its video game source material (evident in that said story for this is current up to Tekken 6), the film is mostly forgettable fare otherwise beyond its fighting scenes and getting joy out of seeing the popular characters within Namco's popular fighting game franchise.

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