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Notables: ANZAI Chika
Animation - Geno Studio
SETO Asami
After her brother and nephew are kidnapped by a gang of punks, Juri Yukawa is desperate since her family isn't particularly wealthy. But her grandfather may just have an unconventional way out of the problem: he possesses an artifact which can somehow bring time itself to a halt for everyone except themselves! But he warns her not to give in to the temptations that inevitably accompany the use of this thing--and, it turns out, they aren't the only ones who have an artifact of this sort.

12 episodes
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Watch 8 7 8 5 5 6 Ggultra2764 [series:3476#1552]
Supposed if there were two words that would describe Kokkoku, "wasted potential" would come to mind. On paper, its premise focused on a clash between a family and a religious cult within a time stasis seems like a unique one. It has some potential with both sides trying to understanding the workings of the time stasis and the mysterious beings called Handlers that appear usually to violently kill those still moving within the stasis, as well as a couple characters getting some solid development who are affected by the current crisis. Unfortunately, Kokkoku stumbles too often with having a compelling story and characters as a number of its story elements and characters are rather cliched, there's a lack of serious stakes in the story as more of the cult's motives are revealed, and the series ends with a rather bad deus ex machina just as it appears to be building up to a bittersweet ending. Ultimately, what could have been an intriguing horror-mystery drama has too many stumbles in its execution to make it no more than a mediocre romp.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3476#628]
(Four episodes watched):

This is a show which managed to pique my interest, even though I usually don't care for horror. Juri, who is seeking employment but hasn't had much luck, comes from a impoverished family with several unemployed relatives, which makes her and them unlikely but interesting heroes. After watching episode one I felt I needed to know more about this bizarre mystery and the terrifying implications it has. Episode two would presumably be obliged to offer some sort of explanation for this time halting magic. But as it worked out, I couldn't help feeling that this whole business of stones and the time warping effect they have was confusing and frustrating. Whereas episode one created some interesting characters, afterwards I largely lost track of what was going on as a bunch of punks pursue Juri and her grandfather, and a latent power within her is revealed. But character development seemed to have largely been suspended, and instead we get a fight-for-your-life scramble which moves from one melee to the next. And what is going on? Why do objects which can make time stand still exist? Why is it possible to eat food which is frozen in time? Why do strange, hideous creatures seem to defend those who are frozen from those who are not? What do these religious fanatics really want? Too many questions with too few answers. I just didn't know if making sense of all this would be worth the time and trouble that it would demand. After four episodes I just couldn't get into this show and decided to quit.

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