Pop Team Epic

Title:Pop Team Epic
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Notables: KOMATSU Mikako
A loose stream-of-consciousness sequence regarding two girls and whatever else strikes the writer's fancy.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3470#628]
(Two episodes watched):

Nothing if not bizarre; here we have a show which seems to open in a pretty conventional manner with a premise about a guy who is being given free reign over a house while his parents go on a trip. But the show procedes to warp into a high speed comedy about two superdeformed girls doing strange things on a whim. I was going to describe this as two girls with the voices of men, but apparently the VAs were women after all, so this would be better described as two female VAs imitating the voices of men for female characters. Everything from alien abduction to a talking pink hippopotamus is hurled at us in rapid succession. It's as if the theme is to take all established rules about how to make an anime and hurl them out the window. I did not 'get' most of the jokes and experienced far more confusion than humor. And then the show replays itself, apparently unchanged, a second time. Is this something I would want to watch? In the end, I decided that this show was just too crazy for me; the effect is sort of like inserting an egg mixer into my brain and scrambling it each time I watch.

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