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Aoharu x Kikanjuu
Unevaluated Hotaru Tachibana is a cross-dressing girl who serves on the Student Coucil at her high school and makes a point of standing up to any sort of 'evil' that occurs on school grounds. As a result of a series of misunderstandings, she makes a bet with her suspicious next-door neighbor, Masamune Matsuoka, loses, and is drawn into the strange world of Survival Games.
Aoharu x Machinegun Unevaluated See Aoharu x Kikanjuu

Unevaluated Kanae has the unhappy job of preparing her grandmother's mansion, which was once the site of exciting dances, talented music and general joyfulness, for demolition. But a friend of hers has let two strange men stay there, and they don't want to leave. One calls himself Beethoven and the other Mozart.
Gourmet Girl Graffiti Unevaluated See Koufuku Graffiti
Happy Cooking Graffiti Unevaluated See Koufuku Graffiti

K: Return of Kings
Unevaluated In modern Japan there are seven "Kings" who share power with their fellow clansmen. The Blue King Reishi Munakata, the leader of the Blue Clan "Scepter 4," held great responsibilities on his back. The tower that Gold King Daikaku Kokujouji supervised called the "Dresden Slate" was still on his mind, and he felt a great burden by killing the previous Red King, Mikoto Suoh. On the other hand, the former Red Clan "HOMRA" clansman Anna Kushina experienced the attacks from the Green Clan "Jungle" and awakened as the next Red King. By doing this, she bound her comrades through a strong bond once again. Finally, White Clan members Neko and Kuroh believe that the White King Yashiro is still alive, and seek his whereabouts. However, it was not just them searching for the White King. With "Jungle" once again jumping back into action, the fates of the various Kings are brought together.

Koufuku Graffiti
Unevaluated Two cousins meet once a week and one teaches the other how to cook.

Rent Souta Mizushino doesn't know what to think when he is somehow transported into the alternate reality of a popular anime--and then several characters from that world are somehow transported back to his.

Taboo Tattoo
Unevaluated Justice "Seigi" Akatsuka is an amateur martial artist who, after helping an old man who is being harassed by punks, is given an odd object as thanks. The object imprints a strange tattoo onto his palm, which he finds is part of a high-tech system meant to tremendously augment the skills of artists like himself. But the original owners of the system want it back.
タブー・タトゥー Unevaluated See Taboo Tattoo
レクリエイターズ Rent See Re:CREATORS
幸腹グラフィティ (Japanese) Unevaluated See Koufuku Graffiti
青春×機関銃 (Japanese) Unevaluated See Aoharu x Kikanjuu

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