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In early 16th century Florence, Arte is a 15 year old daughter of a minor nobleman who enjoys painting and drawing. But her father has died, and without much of a dowry her mother wants to marry her off to a man of means. But Arte would rather pursue her calling at a painter, and leaves home to seek an apprenticeship with one of the city's many ateliers. But she finds that female professional painters are unknown and the concept is fiercely resisted. Fortunately, she finds the gruff painter Leo, who eventually accepts her as an apprentice because her spirit reminds him of himself when he was young.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3825#628]
(Four episodes watched):

The thought occurred to me, 'am I going to learn anything about the Renaissance that I don't already know here, or is this show meant for people who are completely ignorant of the era? The level of sophistication was not terribly high--that is, what happens is explained in a pretty simple manner that would be virtually impossible to misunderstand, rather than there be hints being dropped or conclusions which viewers must draw for themselves. but Arte is a spunky girl who only wants to pursue her calling (though she looks more like 20 years old than 15), and I hope she succeeds. Maybe she and Leo will fall in love eventually, though I'm more interested in whether she will achieve her dream. She doesn't seem to be interested in romance and this show doesn't seem to be interested in fanservice. At any rate, this is the best of the half dozen or so new Spring 2020 anime that I have watched so far, and the only one so far where I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to episode two.

Episode two wasn't all that great, however. In general, the story is looking pretty simplistic: everyone scoffs at Arte because she's a girl, but she has a true ganbare attitude and does whatever seemingly impossible tasks they demand of her, which causes them to see her in a new light. And that's about all there is to the story. That's how things might work out if humans were truly rational creatures, but they aren't. Being proven wrong doesn't make people admit they were fools and adopt a new attitude, no, it usually causes them to ignore the facts and double down on their original belief. So, this show is kind of hard to take seriously. But episode three is about Arte getting her first task as a genuine artist, so I decided to see how that went. I enjoyed it more than episode two, but this show remains right on the line between worth watching and not worth it. It doesn't go into all that much detail about life and beliefs in the Renaissance era (I easily guessed what the special occasion Leo took her to during a festival was), and even main character Arte doesn't seem like all that deep and interesting a person. There are signs of her falling in love with Leo, but I don't feel all that much of a need to know how that will work out. Perhaps the problem is that I don't sense a major problem that needs to be overcome. Arte is doing OK as an apprentice, she has obvious talent, her mother hasn't caused much trouble for her, and she may even have a lover, so things are actually going pretty smoothly--which is kind of boring.

In episode four Arte meets Veronica, a well-off courtesan (upper-class prostitute). Veronica accurately diagnoses the strange feelings Arte has been feeling lately, and warns her to be very careful when it comes to falling in love. Arte seems to draw the conclusion that she had better put her career as a painter first. Whether that is the correct conclusion is anyone's guess; the lessons this show teaches us aren't all that deep or taught with all that much finesse. I was a bit surprised that Arte got a job to create a painting almost entirely by herself when she had only done one background previously. Still, I remain curious where she will wind up.

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