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Rent In early 16th century Florence, Arte is a 15 year old daughter of a minor nobleman who enjoys painting and drawing. But her father has died, and without much of a dowry her mother wants to marry her off to a man of means. But Arte would rather pursue her calling as a painter, and leaves home to seek an apprenticeship with one of the city's many ateliers. But she finds that female professional painters are unknown and the concept is fiercely resisted. Fortunately, she finds the gruff painter Leo, who eventually accepts her as an apprentice because her spirit reminds him of himself when he was young.

Ayashi no Ceres
Rent Twin brother and sister Aki and Aya Mikage are about to celebrate their 16th birthdays. Earlier on, Aya had visited a psychic and was told the fated day when the moon and stars of 16 would meet is coming, and that all hell and doom would break loose. Mysteriously their grandfather invites them over for a "birthday party" and gives them a gift which brings out new powers. Now suddenly the entire Mikage family wants Aya killed since "she will bring them nothing but harm." Aki is no longer allowed to see Aya. Along with that, an ancient legend of a Tennyo (girl from the heavens) is said to have come down to Earth and bathed in a river. A nearby fisherman spotted her and stole her hagoromo (feathered robe) that was hanging on a tree nearby. Without it she could not return to her home in the heavens, and was forced to marry the man and have his children.

Bamboo Blade
Rent Kojirou is the kendo instructor at Muro`e High School. He is totally broke. He has agreed to send his team to a competition against his senpai`s team. If his all female team can win the competition, he will have free meals for a year! But, the problem is that Kojirou seems unable to find five, gifted girls to form the "dream team" -- and time is running out...
Banner of the Stars II Buy See Seikai no Senki II

Unevaluated The story follows the "strongest juvenile delinquent", Oga Tatsumi, a first year in "Ishiyama High" the school for delinquents. One day while sleeping next to a river he sees a man floating down it, he pulls him to shore and the man splits in half revealing a baby boy. This boy is the son of the demon king and he has been chosen as the one to raise it with the baby's demon maid Hilda. The story follows his life with the child and at the delinquent school.
Ceres, Celestial Legend Rent See Ayashi no Ceres
Cheeky Vampire Rent See Karin
Chibi Vampire (manga) Rent See Karin
D-Frag! Watch See D-Fragments

Watch Kenji Kazama and his two brothers have a reputation as delinquent trouble makers when they transfer to a new school. But they find that they can't hold a candle to the girls of the Game Development Club.

Buy Long ago, the mysterious Gadoll suddenly arose as a threat to humanity. This led to the loss of over 90% of the world population. In this dire situation, the Gears, soldiers belonging to the anti-Gadoll corps called The Power, pooled their great knowledge to build the mobile fortress Deca-Dence. The fortress utilized oxyone, the energy that flows through a Gadoll's veins, to become humanity's last bastion. Within Deca-Dence there exists a caste system of the Gadoll fighters, Gears, and the non-combatant people who support them, the Tankers. Natsume, a girl who is an orphan with an artificial arm as a result of a Gadoll attack, hopes to become a Gear but is looked down upon.

Hataage! Kemonomichi
Rent Genzo Shibata is a professional wrestler whose stage name is 'Animal Mask'. Appropriately, he both wears a mask while wrestling and fervently loves animals of all sorts, especially his puppy, Hiroyuki. During one match he is transferred to an alternate reality, where he finds he has been summoned to serve as a hero who will fight bizarre monsters. The only problem is that since the monsters are animals, he tends to side with them.

Rent Karin Maaka is the middle child of a family of vampires who immigrated into Japan 200 years ago. Karin, although technically a vampire herself, is very different from the rest of her family. Instead of lacking blood, her body overproduces it. In order to get rid of the excess blood, once a month, she must give in to her urges and find someone to bite. Instead of drinking their blood, she gives them some of hers, leaving both her and her “victim” feeling refreshed and energetic. Despite these troubles, she still has to go to school and tries to hold down a part-time job. Everything is going reasonably well for Karin, until a transfer student, Kenta, joins her class. For some reason, her body reacts to him, and begins producing more blood than she can stand. He eventually finds out about her condition, which leads to quite a bit of difficulty. Now with a strange boy knowing her secret, Karin’s already complicated life becomes more chaotic.

Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e
Unevaluated On the new continent of Patria, a protracted civil war between the North and the South has been in a stalemate for years. But while numerically outnumbered, the Northerners have an ace up their sleeve: they have employed forbidden technology to create 'Incarnates', warriors who can transform from human to beast form and back. The Incarnates swiftly turn the tables and bring the war to an end. But what to do with them in peacetime, especially when they sometimes go berserk?

Meikyuu Black Company
Watch Kinji Ninomiya (24) considered himself the ultimate NEET: he had made a fortune in online trading without ever really working, and was living a life of leisure. But then he was sucked into a black hole-like phenomena which transferred him to the world of Amuria, and everything he had accomplished was swept away. He finds himself a lowly miner in a 'Demonite' mine, which is backbreaking, humiliating work. But he still has his skills as a smooth talker and money making schemer, and puts them to good use.
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