ClassicaLoid 2

Title:ClassicaLoid 2
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Notables: Animation - SUNRISE
KAJI Yuuki
SUGITA Tomokazu
Kanae gets a surprise one day when a strange boy (with an even stranger pet) who claims to be her younger brother turns up at her place. He has a letter of introduction from their missing mother, and more importantly, a wad of cash to pay for his lodgings. The thing is, Kanae had no idea that she had a brother until now.

A sequel to ClassicaLoid.

25 episodes
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ClassicaLoid was a show which deserved credit for the bizarre and original premise it created, even if the overall quality was mixed. This show picks up where the last one left off and the quality seems unchanged. It can be a little tiresome but the occasional wackiness and novelty demanded that I watch it. The moment when Kanae is handed an envelope by her supposed brother (it's pretty obvious from Wa-kun's antique dress style that he, too, is a ClassicaLoid) was a LOL moment for me, and I don't laugh easily. Likewise, episode three, in which Mozart tries to lash up a half-assed singles mixer party was genuinely funny. Even several days after watching it, I couldn't help smirking when I recalled what had happened. But other episodes largely fall flat. Perhaps this unevenness of quality is because some unusual comedy gambits work and others don't. I don't recall laughing at all during episode five, just smiling at times. Episode 21, in which Chopin starts writing an online manga based on the craziness he sees among his fellow ClassicaLoids, was fun and I wish all episodes had been as good as this one. In contrast the previous episode, in which Dovo takes on human form, but, for some reason, appears like some sort of puppet being manipulated by the pulling of strings, left me scratching my head. I sort of wish that instead of being two seasons long ClassicaLoid 2 had junked the least amusing episodes and completed just one season of appreciably higher quality. I was glad to see signs of a longterm plot coming together in episode six, where Kanae's mother finally turns up and Bach gets back into the story. With the humor as uneven as it is, a decent plot is needed to pick up the slack. But the plot seems to be a somewhat lower priority that the sometimes lame and inane comedy. Thus, while I must give ClassicaLoid credit for the bizarre and original premise, it basically falls into the same trap as dozens of other anime: not funny enough to be worth watching just for the jokes, but also lacking an engaging plot. An engaging plot might be easier to achieve if it was ever explained to us just what a ClassicaLoid is and how and why they were created. A newcomer might wonder why I continue to watch this show, and it would be hard to convince the person that I know what I'm doing. In episode 22 we begin to get a sense that the meandering about is coming to an end and a climax is approaching. It is looking like everybody is coming together to defeat the arrogant and haughty Wagner. The climax seems to come in the next-to-last episode; it wasn't brilliant, but since we were once again following the main plotline rather than just wandering about it was more entertaining than most episodes. I didn't completely understand it; Kanae isn't a ClassicaLoid, is she? She undergoes some sort of transformation and gains special powers, but just why isn't made clear. Still, the climax was satisfactory. In episode 25 Sousuke, the sad sack teenager who has been the butt of jokes since the very beginning of the series, gets a chance to earn a little respect, which I earnestly hoped he would manage to do. But whether he was successful or not was unclear (can a person acquire 'Musik' by sheer force of will?), and a link seems to be provided for yet more seasons of ClassicaLoid. I have mixed feeling about whether that is something to look forward to or to dread; whatever the case may be, a break after six months of ClassicaLoid seems attractive. This is a show which I really, really wish would shape up and do better, because if it could, the results might well be fantastic.

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