Fuuto Tantei

Title:Fuuto Tantei
Fuuto PI
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Notables: FURUKAWA Makoto
HOSOYA Yoshimasa
ONO Daisuke
Shotaro Hidari fancies himself a 'hard boiled private eye', but is continually compared to his late father, who was the icon of that role. In the 'windy city' of Fuuto he and 'Philip' work at the Narumi Detective Agency, which has a reputation of being willing to take on odd cases. For instance, a client comes asking for them to find a Witch.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4529#628]
(Two episodes watched):

I had been almost dreading the prospect of watching an episode of a new 'Tantei' (detective) anime, after how weak so many of them had been in the past. But I was pleasantly surprised by episode one of this show. It quickly became clear that this show was genuinely amusing, with its flawed hero who is described as 'a narcissist who wishes he had a hard build'. I couldn't help but be reminded of Ryo Saeba of City Hunter. The characters seem to have greater depth than most. With most new shows getting through the first episode is a struggle, but this one grabbed my interest and I was in no hurry for it to be done. Weird stuff happens, but whereas in most shows it is shallow and unconvincing, here I was left wondering what is going on and curious for more. It seems that Philip will be the expert in paranormal stuff while Shotaro gets into fistfights and things like that. Philip describes them as 'two halves of one detective'. Some device called a 'Memory' is mentioned which allows people to become Witches. Apparently this is a spinoff of Kamen Rider W, a show I didn't care to watch, but it seems like fun all by itself. I'm glad the case of Tokime, the Witch, remains unsolved at the end of the episode, and we didn't get a case which is solved in 23 minutes, because those tend to be weak and unconvincing. So, this show seemed pretty cool at first glance and I was eager for more.

Episode two left me with some misgivings, however. This seems to have more of a high-tech than a supernatural theme. Or, perhaps a supernatural theme caused by high-tech. These computer chips can transform people into 'monsters', apparently--not exactly a completely original premise. How do these supposedly binbo private detectives have a super sophisticated underground facility? When we see what Shotaro and Philip meant when they described themselves as 'two halves of one detective', I got the feeling that what this show was delivering was in fact nothing like what I had been hoping for. And that contrary to my first impression this wasn't the sort of story one could just casually join in on without already being familiar with the series that it was a spinoff of. All sorts of wild stuff is hurled at you, and for those who knew more or less what to expect the message was probably something like 'Welcome home! More of the same!'. It all got to the point of being hard for me to take seriously, in fact, and I decided to quit.

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