Plastic Little

Title:Plastic Little
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Notables: OOTSUKA Chikao
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
Tita 17 year old captian of the Cha Cha Maru specializes in capturing Yietta's exotic life. But her new friend turns her life upside down and puts her right in the middle of a sinister plot to take over the planet. With the memory of her father on their minds her crew dose everything they can to keep their young captian alive.

[OVA, 1994, 1 episode, 48 min]
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Rent 8 8 8 7 7 Stretch [series:332#628]
According to the box it came in, Plastic Little features "graphic violence, gratuitous nudity, and a storyline that kicks into overdrive at the start of Act 1 then hyperdrives into a furious climax of mass chaos and destruction." (which is pretty accurate). Not a whole lot new here, except for some intriguing technology--for once the climactic battle takes place not between spaceships, but rather between futuristic submarines. The "graphic violence" includes a chilling scene in which, without warning, Captain Tita gets shot point-blank and the viewer doesn't have time to remember that surely the main charachter cannot get killed--very effective. Personally, I liked the scene where Guizel, the chief villain, gets taken out (though of course nobody could possibly be lucky enough to pull it off in real life). As for the "gratuitous nudity", I noticed that at times the camera seemed to be tracking on Tita's breasts rather than her face. I've never seen so many breast shots in Anime, including ones where they actually get touched and fondled a little. That girl on the right in the illustration above is the ship's doctor, and I swear she never showed up in a bikini. Enough about that. I especially liked the animation of the scenes where a city is trashed by the bad guys. I've already forgotten all of the music, but I didn't notice anything particularly annoying about it, either. 55 minutes went by faster than usual, so all the cliches and stereotypes were not much of a problem, and finally the villains got what they deserved. I assume that the overall rating "Buy" means "pay full price for DVDs or whatever", so I'll use the term "Rent" to mean "get it used or on sale". I'm satisfied!


Last updated Monday, March 10 2008. Created Tuesday, April 15 2003.
Watch 8 8 8 5 2 Midnighter [series:332#94]
Nicknamed "Plastic Nipple" by fans, this anime is a very well animated exercise in gratuititous fan-service.
With no explanation of who these characters are, how they got togeather, what their various motivations are we're introduced to Captain Tita and her crew of walking stereotypes. The utter lack of character background makes it very difficult to feel anything for the characters, as there are too many to establish in the scant 45 minute running time. As it is, Tita is little more than boobs that talk, with some vague mention of her father and succeeding where he failed that is soon forgotten.
The animation is excellent, and the character designs are very nice, which compounds disappointment over this anime not going anywhere. The detail to the characters is impressive, with their shiney skintight body suits and nipple-close ups loveingly rendered by some obviously very lonely animators.
The major baddie is unfortunately nothing more than a dopey looking Darth Vader clone, no matter how bad-ass he may be. The impressively callous way he attempts to extract information from Tita's friend by shooting Tita repeatedly(!) at point blank range served to make up for his stupid appearance. The English voice cast is surprisingly good and includes Amanda Winn (Gun Smith Cats) Tiffany Grant (Eva) Doug Smith (Golden Boy) and a host of others familiar to ADV Dub veiwers.
The mechanical designs are good, too, with some nifty things like the assault shuttle and Tita's motercycle.
Unfortunately, there is almost no story to speak of. Just a lot of excuses to show the girls topless as the plot meanders along with only a vague sense of where it's going. Nothing is really resolved at the end, the Darth-knockoff's demise is horribly anti-climactic, and the Ultimate beam Tita's ship uses is a ludicrous and overused anime cop-out.
Overall, beautiful art and decent animation are wasted on a pathetic story and too short a running time. The only people who will enjoy this are those scary otaku who prefer drawn girls to real ones.

Last updated Wednesday, May 15 2002. Created Wednesday, May 15 2002.
Rent 7 7 3 5 5 The Coyote [series:332#64]
This short anime is actully pretty enjoyable with a better than average villian and a hero you really root for but the plot is a little tired. So I would say rent not bye. the animation is pretty good as well as ship and equipment desines I would enjoy seeing maybe a spin off done in this universe it defiantly has potenial

Last updated Monday, October 15 2001. Created Monday, October 15 2001.

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