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Plastic Little
Rent Tita 17 year old captian of the Cha Cha Maru specializes in capturing Yietta's exotic life. But her new friend turns her life upside down and puts her right in the middle of a sinister plot to take over the planet. With the memory of her father on their minds her crew dose everything they can to keep their young captian alive.

Tattoon Master
Buy Hibio (or "Eric" in the dubbed version) is a teenage boy who has been embittered towards women in general as a result of his mother deserting him and his father. His mother, Masae, is an anthropologist who is fascinated by an obscure tribe which is supposed to possess awesome magical powers. Unfortunately, the tribe would prefer to keep this so-called "Monyo Power" a secret, and Masae gets caught snooping around. Luckily for her, High Priestess Nima ("Balla" in the dubbed version) is intrigued by a photo of Hibio, and a deal is struck: Masae will be spared in exchange for granting Nima permission to marry her son! Needless to say, Hibio has no idea that his marriage has been prearranged, and is taken completely by surprise when Nima shows up in his hometown, performs a brief ritual, and declares him to be her husband. Hibio suddenly finds himself with a de-facto wife who possesses the Monyo Power, and, as if this wasn't enough of a problem, it turns out that his High School class president, Fujimatsu, has been secretly in love with him as well. Fujimatsu ("Lisa") doesn't take kindly to this new rival for Hibio's affection--and she possesses a very dangerous skill of her own.
タトゥーン・マスター Buy See Tattoon Master

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