Debutante Detective Corps

Title:Debutante Detective Corps
Lady Investigator Network
Ojasama Sosa Ami
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Notables: R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
Meet Kimiko, Miyuki, Youko, Reika & Nina, the 5 richest girls in Japan. Follow they're exploits as they destroy property, mis-use the police force, solve crimes, and try not to be assassinated, all while attending high school. No one puts a hit on these misses.

One OVA episode (29 min)
Produced by MARCUS

Licensed for R1 by ADV Films
Released on R1/DVD on Jan, 2005
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Avoid Forbin [series:313#1573]
Gah, I don't even know why I picked this up. Gah I even think Clamp School Detectives is better than this.
After 20 minutes of watching them I was like WTF am I watching this for and turned it off. Even Angel Cop was better than this.

Last updated Monday, February 21 2005. Created Monday, February 21 2005.
Watch Stretch [series:313#628]
I sat down to watch Debutante Detective Corps with a pen and paper to take notes for this review. I like to jot down neat quotes, reminders of things that were unusual, etc, but 35 minutes later I found myself with practically nothing written down. I simply found nothing worth mentioning, which can't be good. The fact that the five debutante detectives make their entrances by carelessly trashing a school building made it hard to sympathize with them. I guess they are not quite as bad as the hardened murderers, but I would almost rate Golgo 13 as more likeable! I suspect the fact that I was watching a dubbed version didn't do them any good--they tended to come across as air-headed valley girls, and since they are also both fantastically wealthy and totally irresponsible, that's two strikes against them right there. I did kinda like the surprise ending, or more accurately the way the other four girls responded to the fifth one revealing it.

9/03 #63

Last updated Saturday, December 31 2011. Created Monday, September 08 2003.
Rent 7 7 7 7 4 Midnighter [series:313#94]
A solid effort, and a nice looking anime, too bad the main characters are such wenches. The fact that they are rich snobs whom noone aside from Bill Gates could relate to makes it hard to root for them. Yes, they're obnoxious, arrogent, narcissistic and self-absorbed, but hey they're cute, so that makes up for theory anyway.
Other than being unable to relate to the heroines, Debutante Detectives was pretty good. It was certainly funny, with enough humor to keep me watching, and there were some nice action sequences, including the truly stand-out fight between the little ninja-girl (Ranma, anyone?) and the enormous, hulking terrorist. The animation was fair to good, with the action sequences, again, the highlight. Some nice character designs, too.
Story wise, Debutante suffers, with a disappointingly illogical and contrived ending.
Well, despite this review, which seemed to focus on the bad (sorry about that...) Debutante Detective Corps was a worthwhile rent, and it was a bit of harmless fun after Lain or Eva. If you like action anime with sexy girls, Debutante Detectives is for you.

Last updated Thursday, May 30 2002. Created Friday, August 03 2001.

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