Queen Emeraldas

Title:Queen Emeraldas
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Notables: R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
In a far distant future, a would-be master race seeks to dominate the galaxy. Against these merciless Afressians, mankind has just one hope: the mysterious female warrior known as Emeraldas.

[OVA, 1998-99, 4 episodes, 30-45 min]
While licensed by ADV Films, the company only had licensing rights to the first two episodes of the series.
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Rent 7 6 5 7 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:251#1552]
(Rent-/ Watch+)

In terms of storyline for this part of Leiji Matsumoto's works, Queen Emeraldas provides some back story on certain aspects of the queen pirate's exploits such as how she gained her battleship and facial scar. Beyond that, the OVA is mostly focused on the developments of the young male lead, Hiroshi Umino, roughing it out on his own as he tries finding work and putting together his own spaceship, often coming across danger where he requires Emeraldas' help to get him out of trouble. The kid and Emeraldas do get reasonable fleshing out and development, though battle scenes are not too engaging considering Emeraldas is just about guaranteed to own her foes against any threat unless something occurs to create subpar moments of suspense. Episodes to the OVA are mostly self-contained, with only one two-part storyline where Emeraldas and Hiroshi deal with an alien race. The plotting to these is quite barebones with limited depth on whomever poses a threat to the two in each storyline and the villain being as irredeemably evil as you can get. Like Matsumoto's earlier works, the main themes of the series involve following one's dreams and understanding what it means "to be a man". Also, it looks like the OVA was made in mind for those who have already read and/or seen earlier Matsumoto works considering the mentions of other notable Matsumoto characters like Captain Harlock and Maetel. If this is your first exposure to a Matsumoto work, then you might get lost over the faces not focused on for this series.

The visuals to Queen Emeraldas make use of Leiji Matsumoto's drawing style in the designs of characters which look rather rough and sometimes crude, though scenery designs looked well drawn and detailed. There were also instances of mediocre use of CG animation used for shots of Emeraldas' ship and the electronics used within spaceships, but their rendering looks quite shoddy at many points and stick out prominently from the hand-drawn animation. The music features some epic musical choices, particularly the OP song to the OVA series. Otherwise, many musical choices did their part to complement tense scenes within the series and were mostly forgettable.

Overall, Queen Emeraldas would be worth a look only if you are a huge sap for all things involving Leiji Matsumoto or are a fan of older anime franchises. With the anime made in mind for those having some knowledge of Matsumoto's memorable characters, the mentions of said characters would be lost on fans unfamiliar with them. Not to mention that the simplistic storytelling and drawing style could turn off anime fans of more complex or recent anime titles. Pretty much, your mileage will vary on how well you enjoy this series.

Last updated Monday, December 31 2012. Created Monday, December 31 2012.
Rent 4 7 4 6 Midnighter [series:251#94]
Queen Emeraldas was pretty good. I hated the CG animation, but the traditional cel animation was pretty good. I wasn't really impressed by the characters other than Emeraldas, who's really cool. Quite the bad-ass, that Emeraldas.
The character designs are just god-awful. The mechanical designs are rather lame, but the writing is good enough for a rent. There are some really great sequences, but as a whole, this anime is just a little above average. Still, go rent it, it's worth seeing.

Last updated Monday, December 10 2001. Created Tuesday, March 06 2001.
Buy 4 7 8 CatWoman [series:251#65]
Unlike the Coyote(whom has know seen Arcaidia of my Youth), I have not seen Arcaidia of my Youth (Though I plane to soon). But from what I know it makes a lot more sence when you have seen them both. It is good, inspit of not seeing the first! It has a really interesting!

Last updated Sunday, February 18 2001. Created Sunday, February 18 2001.
Buy 7 7 8 9 The Coyote [series:251#64]
This is the contiueation of Arcaidia of my Youth and I asume the prequil to the Harlock saga.(haven't seen that one yet) It is well done animaiton and so so with the story you really never seem to get a feel for the story and for anime it's not very in depth but still worth seeing

Last updated Friday, February 16 2001. Created Friday, February 16 2001.

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