結界女王 (Chinese (Taiwan))
零度战姬 (Chinese)
零度戰姬 (Chinese)
프리징 (Korean)
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Beings from a different dimension have started a war with mankind. To counter this threat, an academy called "Genetics" that trains female warriors called "Pandora," who can wield special weaponry and armor, was formed. Kazuya Aoi decided to enroll in this school because of a promise with his sister, an outstanding alumnus who died in battle. There he meets second year Satellizer L. Bridgette, nicknamed "The Untouchable Queen" due to her solitary demeanor but also top of her class whose battle simulation streak is undefeated, until he came... and slowly changed her.

An anime adaptation of a popular ↗manhwa (Korean manga) series authored by IM Dal Young and illustrated KIM Kwang Hyun. .

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2373#628]
(Preview and one episode watched):

Queens Blade meets Evangelion was my impression from the preview (but mostly Queens Blade). Before I watched the opening episode itself, I began to wonder if the Evangelion comparison had really been appropriate; but as I did watch, it became clear that it was, if anything, far too appropriate. Terminology like 'the eighth great Nova crash' made this show feel like a shameless knockoff which had appropriated Eva elements. So, what will be the rationale for scantily-clad girls to fight with blades? We all know that blades are preferable to guns or missiles when dealing with sci-fi opponents, right? A thorough explanation of the 'Pandora' system is provided, but one thing it reveals is that there is nothing really novel here. Almost every twist this episode unveils is something which I have seen before, and makes me smirk rather than be thrilled. Touches like 'Headmaster Margaret', a nun who is familiar with Pandora, made me roll my eyes. There was one bit which made me sit up and take notice, when it was implied that Pandora champion Bridgette might be a resurrection of a supposedly dead girl. No doubt Bridgette is supposed to be the heroine, but just because her training ground opponents gang up on her doesn't necessarily make her likeable. The 'Untouchable Queen' cannot be scratched in combat, yet lets Kazuha (possibly her brother) grab her from behind--right, that makes sense. I did get one laugh when a half-naked girl falls from the ceiling in front of Kazuha. On the other hand, this show can get kind of sadistic at times, since the Pandora girls can be patched back together after being hacked to pieces. At one point I noticed what seemed to be an attempt to force-feed me drama via music. Actually, so far Queens Blade seems a good deal more enjoyable. Basically, Freezing was on notice after one episode; episode two would need to be a major improvement in order for me to watch.

After awhile I started watching a second episode, but the overall mediocrity was so obvious that within a couple minutes I said 'Ah, who am I kidding?' and turned to something else.

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