Shinpi no Sekai El Hazard 2

Title:Shinpi no Sekai El Hazard 2
El Hazard OVA 2
El Hazard: The Magnificent World 2
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Notables: Animation - AIC Spirits
INOUE Kikuko
OOKI Tamio
R1 License - Geneon (Defunct)
After peace finally comes to Roshtaria, the long awaited wedding between Fujisawa and Miz. But as the ceremony begins, the groom disappears. So Makoto and company form a search party and go out to find Mr. Fujisawa (like any of them really had a choice). Meanwhile, Jinnai discovers Kalia, another Demon Goddess, and seeks the secret power of the Shrine. But Kalia might have other plans...

4 OVA Episodes. Animation by AIC.
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Watch 7 6 6 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:232#1552]
This second OAV series of El Hazard proved to be quite subpar and lacking in originality compared to the decent first series. Essentially, the major conflict for this set is a complete ripoff of what was addressed in the first series involving Ifurita and the Eye of God. Only difference being that new foe Kalia isn’t as properly fleshed out and the “new” Ifurita that was seen completely contradicts information presented on her character from the first OAV as being unique. What is also noticeable is that the visual quality to the series has dropped down a notch with faded colors and less detail with scenery and character designs. Thus far, this is the weakest series within the El Hazard franchise I’ve checked out as I still plan to check out The Alternative World TV series at some point via Netflix rental which I hear has received similar mixed reception.

Last updated Tuesday, July 19 2011. Created Tuesday, July 19 2011.
Rent Forbin [series:232#1573]
Drama : Low
Action : Med
Comedy : Med
SciFi : Med
Ecchi : Med
This is a pretty good sequel to El Hazard OVA 1. The story isn't as good as the first but it's a good continuation. They did things such as develop that Namami likes Makoto (Not in the first OVA), Fatora is a major yuri, while turning other personalities down like Alielle's.
While it seems here that lots of people didn't like it, I did.

Last updated Sunday, February 20 2005. Created Sunday, February 20 2005.
Buy 8 8 7 7 7 Tom [series:232#1086]
A short time after the end of the magnificent world OAV, this little adventure happens. Miz Mishtal gets Fujisawa hammered and proposes to him, and on the day of their wedding he skips out. So everyone searchs for him, but they end up finding not only another weapon (this ones named Kalia, she's actually the "trigger of destruction."), but, IS IT IFURITA? (Yes, I know who it is, but I won't spoil it for anyone).
Well, this could have been much better. It brought up some cool stuff about El-Hazard, but it was so short they didn't have the time to expand on any of it. The fights weren't that great, but Ifurita VS Kalia was pretty tight. The ending was fairly sudden, and left me wishing it was longer. Character development was nil in this one, and many characters were reduced to one lining side-kicks (Shayla Shayla and Jinnai are both guilty of this).
It's like El-Hazard light, not as good and not as much of it.

Last updated Monday, December 01 2003. Created Monday, December 01 2003.
Watch 8 8 7 7 5 5 AstroNerdBoy [series:232#436]
This takes place shortly after the first OAV series. This time Fujisawa is about to marry the priestest Miz but decides to run away instead. Miz, Shayla-Shayla (yeah baby), Afura Mann, Makoto, Nanami, Alielle, & Princess Fatora head off to find Fujisawa. Fatora goes around trying to sleep with the various female characters by making herself look/act like Makoto. Alielle is toned down some from the previous OAV, but is pretty worthless. In fact, all of the characters suffer greatly here because they go mainly just go through the motions of trying to recapture their OAV 1 glory.

The story is pretty weak. Kalia is created to be the new bad guy who's supposed to be even more powerful than Ifurita. And speaking of Ifurita, they find a way to bring her back without destroying the continuity by making her a non-unique character. Apparently everyone had an Ifurita back in the ancient days of El Hazard which made no sense. No real explaination of why she was created was given. Everything just happens and her defeat was anti-climatic to say the least (IMO).

Bottom line: This 4-episode OAV seems to have been thrown together. While trying to recapture the magic, the writers sadly miss the target.

Last updated Wednesday, July 02 2003. Created Friday, May 02 2003.
Avoid 2 2 3 6 4 The Coyote [series:232#64]
The only reason to watch this is if you just cant get enough of the characters. (Kinda like Tenchi in Toyko.) The main villian just apears and her history and purpose are never revealed her only reason for being are to provide our hero's with something to fight (and someone to show up jeni) all and all just go strait to El Hazard the alternative world It is a continueation of the OAV's and is an excellent series much better than even the OAV's in my opinion.

Last updated Monday, October 15 2001. Created Monday, October 15 2001.
Buy 7 7 7 7 4 Midnighter [series:232#94]
While definately not as good as the OAVs, El Hazard 2 is still quite enjoyable. If nothing else, it offers more adventures of the characters I've grown to love. A nice touch is that the English voice cast is back, and in my opinion, El Hazard is one of the few animes in which the dub is superior.
The characters are a bit redesigned. Shayla has a new outfit that somehow works despite its obvious exploitive intent. Mr. Fujisawa has disappointingly little to do here, though, and Ifurita's character is cheapened by revealing she's just one of a mass-produced line of super weapons.
A mediocre story follows the heroes as they try to stop Kalia from destroying El Hazard. The 3rd Episode is definately the weakest point, with 4 coming back pretty strongly. Or maybe being the sap that I am it was just rewarding to see Miz and Fujisawa kiss.(Awwww)
Anyway, I still recommend this, but only after you have seen the origional OAV series, since it picks up immediately where it left off, and some prior knowledge is helpful to completely enjoy it. All in all, El Hazard 2 is a reasonably solid little 4 parter.

Last updated Monday, September 24 2001. Created Monday, September 24 2001.
Watch 7 7 8 5 5 Kaitou Juliet [series:232#137]
El Hazard 2 isn't bad, in the sense that it doesn't utterly betray everything the original series stood for. On the other hand, it's not especially good either. It doesn't add much to our knowledge of the characters or the world of El-Hazard. The storyline is so-so; Kalia had the potential to be an interesting character, and with proper buildup the climax to the story could have been very exciting. However, as it is, the whole thing feels very rushed. The art and animation are definitely down a few notches from the original OAV series, though the character designs remain good. I wouldn't recommend searching high and low for this one, but you probably won't kick yourself for having watched it either. [NOTE: It's now included along with El-Hazard: The Magnificent World in the DVD box set, so finding it isn't difficult.]

Last updated Friday, March 22 2002. Created Monday, March 12 2001.
Watch 9 9 7 7 5 Mark Clifton [series:232#126]
This is one of the more forgettable adventures in El-Hazard. The best part of the entire series is back in the beginning when Miz finds out that Mr. Fujisawa went bye-bye. Other than that, I would only suggest people to watch it so they can at least say "I've seen it."

Last updated Tuesday, January 23 2001. Created Tuesday, January 23 2001.

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