Gakuen Tokusou Hikaruon

Title:Gakuen Tokusou Hikaruon
Campus Special Investigator Hikaruon
学園特捜ヒカルオン (Japanese)
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SEKI Toshihiko
Hikaru Shihoudo is Hikaruon, a metal super hero fighting the forces of the evil organization known as Urael. Disguised as a transfer student, he must investigate a series of strange suicides in town.

(Synopsis courtesy of ANN)

29 Minutes

Produced, along with Call Me Tonight, as part of "Pink Noise", "a series of four edgy OAVs... produced by AIC on a shoestring budget"
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Watch Stretch [series:2249#628]
This was a show which felt like it should have been an episode in the middle of a TV series rather than trying to tell a story all by itself in the space of half an hour. I felt as if I was expected to already be familiar with this Hikaruon character, and as if an average chapter (not the opening one) of some manga had been converted into an anime. As such, it didn't make a whole lot of sense. Judging from what I gathered (and the title itself), Hikaruon seems to be some sort of heroic champion of justice who sometimes goes undercover in the appearance of an ordinary teenager. He can also bounce back and forth between this world amd "other dimensional areas", where he takes on freakish opponents. The fights were pretty neat--you could actually see how Hikaru would dodge a blow, immediately grab his opponent in a realistic way, and throw him. He seems to have an adult woman who acts as some sort of coordinator with him. There was a touch of ecchi, as evil punks leer at a partially stripped female victim. As a whole, this was modestly entertaining. Trying to figure out the story behind this novel character was sort of a puzzle. "Thanks to Hikaruon" the narrator says at the end, "another conspiracy by the heretic group Uraer was stopped". What were they committing "heresy" against? Where do they--and Hikaruon--come from? And if this is "another" conspiracy, what happened to the previous ones?

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