Tentai Senshi Sunred

Title:Tentai Senshi Sunred
Astro Fighter Sunred
天体戦士サンレッド (Japanese)
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Notables: MAMIYA Kurumi
NABEI Makiko
Tentai Senshi Sunred is a powerful, battle tested hero of many years. He has sold his super bike, which is seen in the opening credits. Now he smokes a lot, is effectively unemployed, and lives by the grace of his girlfriend, Kayoko Uchida. His arch enemies in the Evil Florsheim Army are still trying to take over the world. Under the direction of their local leader, Vamp, they help members of the community, run a cooking show, assist Kayoko Uchida whenever possible, and try to attack the ever powerful Sunred. All in all, a light parody of the Japanese hero genera.

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26 fifteen-minute episodes.

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Unevaluated Forbin [series:2239#1573]
1 Episode

Hahaha Sunred.

My favorite was the Hikkimori Tiger. Did you notice all the tissues spread around the room. Haha

Last updated Friday, December 18 2009. Created Friday, December 18 2009.
Watch Xenoknight [series:2239#2967]
watching now... 15 eps watched...

Ep ?:

Ep 15: The past with Mr. Blue (!) is revealed and it's hilarious. Things are still getter better with this series.

Ep 13: Watching Red walk around in the real world was funny. An anime character walking down the streets of the city? How can I resist laughing. The talking ceiling monster told Red how to take better care of his girlfriend. Reiji is still a pimp. I really like the laid back nature of this title.

Ep 9: The water episode was too funny. Everything Red did to survive failed and he quickly ran out of options. I was laughing ridiculously hard. This series is hilarious.

Ep 3: This show is great fun. It's simple and always leaves a huge smile on my face. I won't review each ep like normal since this series has long since stopped airing. I put up three eps and won't put up the next update until I see quite a few more eps.

Ep 2: Funny as hell. The guys fighting about the noodles was great and the resulting beat down by Red was very funny. The second part had Vamp's group help Red move to his new place that's right by their secret base. The interactions were great fun with how Red and his girlfriend kept fighting amongst themselves. Red lives so close now so all he has to do is step outside and beat everyone up and go back home (LOL). This title is great. Thanks Stretch.

First Impression: This isn't the normal type of thing I would jump for when making anime selections, but it seems that (thanks to another reviewer) I've struck a chord. Apparently, this is the magnificent story of the conflict between good and evil that takes place in the city of Kawasaki (LOL). I thought it was pretty cool actually. Mr. Sunred is a straight up G and I love how he never takes off his mask, even when he's at home. The enemies are all out to kill him, but he doesn't sweat the small stuff. He ends up bossing them around like peons the laughs go from there. Mr. Armor Tiger was the funniest guy in the ep. Each ep has a multitude of separate parts. The really cool thing is that each ep is only ~15 minutes, so I should be able to view it and get to the good parts quickly. Let's see what I dug myself into this time...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

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Buy Stretch [series:2239#628]
(All episodes watched):

When a superhero faces villains-of-the-week, we all know who is going to win pretty much each and every time. As a result, this formula for a TV show becomes repetitive and tiresome... which is all the more reason to turn it on its head--something which has been accomplished by Astro Fighter Sunred. Consider:

-General Vamp has his hopes set on his new fighter "Genora" defeating Sunred--but Genora's late getting off work;

-Vamp visits "Armor Tiger" to ask him to serve as the latest challenger of Sunred, but is appalled by the state of Tiger's apartment;

-Two of Vamp's men, "Medallion" and "Khamnenman" argue over who ate a cup of instant ramen noodles;

-Sunred forces several of his opponents to help his girlfriend Kayoko move to a new apartment, and she finds them more helpful and polite than he is;

And so on. Basically, what might happen if the hero isn't all that great and the villains aren't all that bad. This is a great show which had me laughing continually as I watched. It takes the basic premise of hero versus monsters shows, and, instead of expecting the viewer to suspend disbelief and be thrilled, it goes the comedy route instead, exploiting the absurdity in a deadpan manner--brilliant. The style reminds me of Cromartie High School. Without doubt the funniest show which I am watching at the moment--funny enough to bring tears to my eyes at times. Sometimes it seems as if it was almost drawn with a magic marker, but that's a small price to pay for the hilarity. I swear, this show has me laughing "american style"; that is, for all my fascination with it, anime seldom has me laughing as hard as a good American joke. But Sunred has a sort of international brilliance--anybody would find it hilarious (this thought came to mind while watching episode nine, in which one of General Vamp's monsters has gotten out of hand--and he goes to Sunred for help!). Every now and then a priceless joke comes along which both brings tears to the eyes and reminds me of what a brilliant work AFS is; this time it was the group blind date which several of Vamp's fighters take part in during episode 12.

This seems a highly underappreciated show. Somehow it slipped past me unnoticed when it was first released; maybe I wasn't interested in what sounded like just another villain-of-the-week show. Fortunately I caught the second season, and realized that this first one existed as well. "General Vamp's Quick Recipes" was amusing at first, but I'd much rather get more of the same comedy than cooking tips. Just the first minute or so of episode 23 cracked me up as the "Animal Soldiers" (evil warriors who unfortunately are extremely cute and look like stuffed toys) attempt to dig red's grave. Killer punchlines come without warning out of left field and you can't help laugh-out-louding. The final episode was surprisingly good, too: Kayoko has been growing frustrated with Red, and they may break up altogether. You might call this one funny in a touching way, or touching in a funny way.

My explanation for this show would be that somebody with an all-too-rare talent for making people laugh (people in any country), finally got an anime. This was a true comedian, who was using original ideas and brilliant wit without resorting to cheap ploys like fanservice at all. So many "comedies" are made which are barely funny at all that I had almost forgotten that such a thing was even possible.

My favorite line: "What's the big deal?! Go take a look! --Kayoko

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