Saber Marionette J OVA

Title:Saber Marionette J OVA
Saber Marionette J Again
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Notables: AMANO Yuri
KOYASU Takehito

Well, this is the sequel to Saber Marionette J. It is defined as episode 26 (remember that SMJ has 25 episodes) divided into 6 parts ("loads"). In this one there are some new cool stuff, like the new marionette Marine (NSM-X1). It is sometimes lot better than Saber Marionette J, now the problems handling the marionettes is incredible cause they found a new one and the Saber Dolls came to live with them. This time the problem is a river of plasma that blows up each 80.000 years destroying the surface of the planet, and time is almost up, and only one Marionette, Marine, who is capable of handling the plasma, the only marionette with 3 virgin circuits instead of one, can stop the disaster, but this time they don't want to sacrifice any Marionettes in order to save the planet, even Faust-sama looks for a different way to save the planet, can you guess how is gonna end?

[6 OAV episodes]

"またまた" means "matamata" ("done again"), "セイバーマリオネットJ" is the Kana sound pattern for "seibaa marionetto j"
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Watch 9 9 9 7 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:22#1552]
I heard this OAV was hampered with issues and I guess the facts were true. Saber Marionette J devotes a great deal more focus on comedy this time around throughout most of the series. In some ways, the comedy works. Faust's Saber Dolls having to become a part of Otaru's household made for some humorous character chemistry between the Saber Dolls and Otaru's marionettes. Otaru's trio are still unsure about trusting the Saber Dolls while Luchs and Panther's adjustments to living a normal life were worth a chuckle, especially with Luchs learning how to cook with Cherry. The animation for the series is even up a notch with digital artwork providing better detail and brighter color with scenery and character designs.

However, other areas of the series have problems. The character growth of Otaru's marionettes from Saber Marionette J felt like it was ignored at enough points of the OAV. Lime was much more childish than how she was by the end of SMJ. Cherry fantasized about being with Otaru at several points of this series, even though she stopped having such daydreams as the TV series dragged on. Bloodberry is back to seducing Otaru like she was when she first met Otaru, which is blatantly shown in episode 3. This had me shaking my head in disbelief.

The addition of Marine was a double-edged sword for this OAV. While this brought in another charming marionette to connect with, her character development felt rushed due to the limited amount of time the OAV format gave to her. The fact she had three maiden circuits being used as an excuse for this development didn't really sway me to believe in her quick character growth.

Hanagata returns in this OAV and the fact he's still being used as the show's resident punching bag by the marionettes is still wearing old for me.

But the worst problem I had with this OAV stemmed from the events in episode 3. There was enough fan service in this episode featuring Bloodberry, Luchs, and Panther attempting to seduce Otaru while dressing up in scantily attire. The facts Luchs and Panther wanted to use Otaru as a guinea pig for their plans to woo Faust added to my distaste for the events of episode 3.

If you are a fan of the Saber Marionette anime and manga, then you may watch this OAV regardless. While I did like some of the comedy concerning the character chemistry between Faust and Otaru's marionettes, the OAV is hampered by too many problems for me to consider giving it a second watch anytime in the near future.

Last updated Wednesday, October 22 2008. Created Wednesday, October 22 2008.
Rent 10 9 9 8 8 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:22#436]

I have to say that despite the increased fanservice and the one VERY ecchi episode, I liked this OAV sequel better than the original. While capturing the charm of the original series concerning Otaru's three marionettes, having Luchs and Panther also stay with Otaru was a good thing. It was a lot of fun to see the former enemies getting along, yet still be in competition. The new marionette Marine is also a good addition once she got over her man-fearing days. She too managed to charm this viewer into liking her character a lot. And Tiger's return was pretty freaking awesome as well! And while they didnt have a big role (and were forgotten in the end), it was great seeing Baikou & Tamasaburou in action again.

One thing I noticed was that the series acknowledges the passage of time. Otaru looks a bit older and the sub-theme of the Saber-dolls going through a type of puberty was interesting. It wasnt explored as well as I would have liked, but Lime and Marine were good vehicles to explore what they did. Having Otaru and the dolls run a restaurant also indicated that they were moving forward with their lives. These are little things, but they stuck out with me.

On the down side was the increased levels of fanservice. One episode has Bloodberry, Luchs, and Panther all attempting to seduce Otaru, which went over the line for me. Cherry did a little more fantasizing about being with Otaru than in the TV series. And except for Cherry, all of the marionettes got bigger breasts. I suppose this may be partially to suggest that the marionettes have matured and since Cherry was supposedly the most mature of the trio, she didnt get an enlargment.

People have commented on the increased violence against the very gay Hanagata, but he wouldn't get a beating if he quit trying to pork Otaru's buttocks. By the 2nd half of the series, he's not doing that any more, but he still gets a beating because by now, the marionettes have had enough of him. As far as I'm concerned, Hanagata shouldn't have been in this one, but that's just me.

Art and animation-wise, this thing is a beauty. CGI is well used here, and that's how it should be considering this is an OAV. Episode five has the most interesting opening with it being live-action rather than animated. So actresses dress up as Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry and do different things. You don't get a good look at their faces, but it was still a nice touch all the same.

Bottom line: this is a borderline series that I could see buying, especially if it is on sale. I think most fans of the original Saber Marionette J series will enjoy this one.

Last updated Friday, January 02 2004. Created Friday, December 26 2003.

Rent 10 10 10 6 7 7 MrSparkle [series:22#734]
That was my thought while watching the first episode of Sabre marionette J again.
Another one of my outraged comments. However, maybe I was "judging the book by its cover" bs again, so as a loyal megumi fan I watched on with a open mind. What ever you do, DO NOT FRIGGIN WATCH THIS OVA WITHOUT WATCHING THE PREVIOUS SAGA (saber marionette j)! I've seen many ppl trying the sequel and getting so naffed off with it that they discontinue watching. But enough of the warning and on to the review.
In true saber style its a love-comedy ova, spanning 6 episodes (the marionette series is way too short for my liking anyway :*[). Starring a new marionette, and Lorelei (watch smj for lorelei info) Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry start on another fantastic journey (dont think they ever left japoness in this one). CGI enhancements on the animation were nice, maybe they should've tried that in SMJ. The comedy factor is still there, just not in abundance like the prequel.
For die hard SMJ fans I recommend they buy this (I got it in a box set from ebay) for others I recommend at least a rent.
"Dont judge a book by its cover"

Last updated Friday, May 30 2003. Created Friday, May 30 2003.
Buy 10 10 10 9 8 Jack Walrath [series:22#375]
I liked this. It was no SMJ, but it had some funny moments, the animation was very good, and I liked Marine and the Muskel. It was also nice how each episode had different opening and ending musical themes.

Last updated Wednesday, September 25 2002. Created Wednesday, September 25 2002.
Rent 8 9 9 7 9 9 Cenit [series:22#45]
Well well people, the second part of Saber J, i had to say that it has some parts that is better and some parts that is not that good.
Good points, the plot of the new Marionete, Marine, also some great stuff about some computer parts, it looks great, also they made a perfect work introducing Lorelei like a character, now the main point is saving the planet from a natural disaster so there aren´t any war anime here, and they convice putting the Saber Dolls in Otaru´s house to learn how to behave. Here is a note for someone that put something in a rewiev of saber j OVA, the Saber Dolls didn´t fall for Otaru, they don´t want nothing with Otaru, they just think that IF they can seduce him they would be able to seduce Faust and that´s all.
Well, the bad points, i really was expecting that something will happen within Otaru and Lime, they show that they are falling in love (serious love) for each other in one load, but they never make a conclusion about anything.
The character of Yoi, the president of New Texas is totally changed, phisycally and mentally, so, when he appears it doesn´t look like Saber J.
They don´t show lots of things, like if they were going to make another part or maybe a movie, but yet i haven´t heard anything of it.
Anyway is really cool, not as good as the Saber J, but it worths to be seen.

Last updated Tuesday, August 01 2000. Created Tuesday, August 01 2000.
Avoid 7 7 1 5 1 CatWoman [series:22#65]
I thought this had funny parts, but it is for the most part crud and not something that I would ever watch again! I was a little upset with the way they portrayed weman, even though they were just dalls! But that is not the part that really bothered me. It had way to much sexual content and I would say, if you do see this one it should not be with anyone under 18,(this coming from a 17 year old!)! There was also way to much violents towerd the Homosexual in the story, whom they defintly could have left out, (though I must say I do not agree with there lifestill, but acting viloently toward them is just wrong!). This series had to be made by a complete PIG! (And I don't say that about many people!)

Last updated Thursday, July 27 2000. Created Thursday, July 27 2000.
Avoid 8 8 2 5 The Coyote [series:22#64]
This thing stunk maybe it would have been better if I had seen the first series (I can't find it in anything but subtitled, I'm too lazy to try and read the show I'm watching) This thing was riduculus granted I only watched the first tape but I could hardly sit through that one as it was Parents way to much sexual content avoid any one with any taste avoid this one. (I watched this with a girl who loves anime and she was very distressed with how women eventhough they are robots are portrayed.) And even though I think homosexuality is wrong I found the viloence toward the Homosexual in the story disturbing considering the violent additude of some of soceity towards Gay's today.

Last updated Monday, August 07 2000. Created Saturday, July 22 2000.
Avoid 7 8 7 6 1 Dingle [series:22#35]
I do not know why they made any more after Saber Marrionette. The story was over. This is obvious in this sequal. Even though Lime is suppost to be mature, she still has the same problems as before. I always liked how the whole sexual issue was not brought up in the TV series. This prevented it from becoming a total hentai. In J Again EVERY ONE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH OTARU. I understand with the Marionettes, but the Saber Dolls Too? If you want to see a good show with about the same charaters watch Saber Marionette R.

Last updated Friday, May 05 2000. Created Friday, May 05 2000.

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