Saber Marionette J to X

Title:Saber Marionette J to X
セイバーマリオネットJ to X
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Notables: HAYASHIBARA Megumi

Lime, Cherry, Bloodberry, and Otaru are back (minus their eating establishment) along with the very homosexual Hanagata and the Saber Dolls Luchs (german for Lynx), Panther, and Tiger. As the first batch of female clones from Lorelei are nearing birth, attacks from outside sources attempting to steal them increase causing Baiko and Tamasaburou to be even more vigilant. The changes going on cause the Saber Marionettes to reflect on their future place in the world. Meanwhile the Saber Dolls get a mysterious blank letter from their master Faust, the former ruler of Gartland. Taking their leave of their Saber Marionette friends, they go to join their master. When Lorelei is kidnapped, it appears that Faust has returned to his evil ways. But could there be more to this than it seems? And what about what is going on in Xian? Who is after Lorelei's clones and why? And will Otaru be forced to choose to spend his life with only one of his three precious Saber Marionettes?

Animation by Hal Film Maker.
25 TV episodes.

It has been reported in ANN that a new manga series titled Saber Marionette i ~Neo Gene~ will be released in July '08, so there may a new anime series next year.

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Buy 8 7 8 7 8 8 Ggultra2764 [series:287#1552]
This sequel to the J Again OAV bumps up the drama by creating a more serious focus on the developments faced by Otaru and his marionettes. With Lorelei's freedom following events from the first TV series, the world of Terra II is starting to change with the coming of female clones making the need of robots slowly becoming obsolete. This becomes clear to Otaru's marionettes who at points wonder if they will even needed by Otaru once human females start to populate the planet. For much of the first half, the series is more focused on the everyday happenings of Otaru and the marionettes with some episodes devoted to each of the girls as they realize a certain aspect to their selves they never faced before such as Bloodberry potentially falling for someone else and Cherry becoming a mother. The second half introduces more serious developments for Otaru and the marionettes when their bonds between each other are pushed to the breaking point thanks to the actions of this title's main antagonist. Otaru's reluctance to choose between the three and the increased maturity of the marionettes leads them to separate from one another where the girls seem capable of now finding their own happiness and Otaru realizes that he might not have cared for them well enough as he had thought. Ironically, the paths chosen by the marionettes cross over to whatever they faced earlier in the series that showed their signs of increasing maturity. The ending proves to be somewhat bittersweet considering everything faced by the four characters and does make for a solid ending to the series.

Much like the first season though, I did have some issues with some of the choices in comedy. Otaru opting for a Tenchi Solution for his unwanted harem leads to some moments of harem comedy formulas that looked a bit stale. Not to mention Hanagata's still around to serve as the title's resident punching bag.

On the visual end, Saber Marionette J to X does have more polished visuals than the first season featuring smoother lining and a brighter display of colors for scenery and character designs. However, the use of CG animation for some elements of the show's scenery is quite clear as day and the animation for the series is still not that great during action scenes.

Still putting aside any nitpicks that I have though, Saber Marionette J to X does make for a worthwhile conclusion to the Saber Marionette anime franchise with the greater focus on dramatic developments involving Otaru and his marionettes. If you got enjoyment out of the first two titles, then you will definitely enjoy J to X.

Last updated Sunday, October 24 2010. Created Sunday, October 24 2010.
Buy 8 8 8 8 8 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:287#436]

This sort of picks up where Saber Marionette J Again leaves off. I say sort of because while certain things that happened there are referenced in this series (like Tiger's repair, the Saber Doll's reason for being in Japoness, Lorelei's clone's status, etc.) but some were totally dropped (Marine isn't even mentioned and Otaru's restaurant is gone with no explaination). So if you skipped the OAV, you may be somewhat confused by why the Saber Dolls and Saber Marionettes are such good friends.

The primary story of the attempts to steal Lorelei's female clones combined with the plot going on in Xian isn't all that interesting. However, it serves perfectly as the vehicle to tell the real story, that of Lime, Cherry, Bloodberry, and Otaru. It is the exploration of their relationship that makes Saber Marionette J to X superior to its predecessors. I love the harem genre of anime, but I always want to have the guy pick a single girl (TM!R for example). Throughout the entire series, Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry work well together and are as close as sisters, but each dreams of being Otaru's sole lover. Otaru likes them all and has always tried to keep the status quo. Now, the Saber Marionette's are pushing Otaru harder than ever, but he doesn't want to be forced to choose any single girl for anything over another. When he wins a trip by train for two to Xian, he works himself extra hard to purchase two additional tickets so that he can be with all of the girls. The girls may not be totally satisfied with the "treat them all equal" policy of Otaru's, but they accept it.

But the writers don't stop there but instead explore the harem situation further as well as the issue of maturing and how the passage of time causes changes, some good some not so good. They seperate the girls from Otaru and from each other. Otaru's desperate search for the girls is very heart wrenching, though the several "near misses" in his searching got annoying (he'd leave, and one of the girls would show up an instant later). But when he sees that the girls can live happy lives on their own, it changes everything for him. Since he can't choose a single girl as they wish, maybe allowing them to be with others is best. Very touching though Lime said it best when she called him a coward. I won't say any more about that for fear of a spoiler, but it is the drama and personal growth of the characters that is so great.

On additional great thing is the 26th episode. Episode 25 actually wraps up the series and would have been the end for most titles. However, the series creators decided that the final episode should be dedicated to aftermath. Indeed, this episode takes place about 4-5 years after episode 25. So we get to see the first batch of Lorelei's clones alive and well and a school being built for them. We get to see how everyone is doing after the passage of time and I felt it was great to see.

On the downside, besides what I mentioned earlier, this is a VERY predictable series. Everything is telegraphed for miles, including the ending. While I liked the exploration of the harem and the aftermath episode, many will be put off by the story's resolution in episode 25.

One little thing I would have liked to have seen was a romantic interest for Lorelei. There is someone perfect for her in the series and in episode 26, they could have shown her with him. But she's still living under the close protection of Baiko and Tamasaburou in the Japoness castle. If you watch the series, you'll know what I mean. She has a brief scene with the guy she should be with and it is nice, but oh well.

Bottom line: more of the same as far as humor and action go. However, the added drama elements of the 2nd half of the series elevate this to a "Buy" level for me.

Last updated Saturday, February 07 2004. Created Thursday, February 05 2004.

Rent 6 8 9 7 8 7 Cenit [series:287#45]
Well, this would be the third part of Saber J, the story is really great, they have put something to think about in Saber J Again (or OVA) when the show a chinese guy with Godel, former top scientific of Germany. In Saber Marionette J to X they show Godel as he really is, he was sent by the "Mesopotamia" to Terra 2, he crashed and he has mantain himself alive during the las 400 years (100 years before the "Mesopotamia" actually arrived to Terra 2) and he seems to be willing for revenge.
This part is very cool, and for the ones that have already saw Saber J or Saber J OVA this is excellent, the only bad point is that for me the quality of the draws is minor than in Saber J or Saber J OVA, anyway it's great, but i think that is they keep using Lime and the others to keep making new animes it'll get really boring. But as far as now, Saber J to X is just great for me.

Last updated Saturday, April 21 2001. Created Saturday, April 21 2001.

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