Tsutsu Yume GUNNM

Title:Tsutsu Yume GUNNM
Battle Angel
Battle Angel Alita
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Notables: Music - WADA Kaoru
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
YUKI Nobuteru

A violent world, of cyborgs, gladiators, body part theves and law enforcement by bounty hunter.

[2 OAV episodes based on the manga of the same title by KISHIRO Yukito-sensei. Manga licensed by Viz.]

"銃" = "tsutsu" = "gun (barrel)"; "夢" = "yume" = "dream, vision, illusion"
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Watch 8 8 8 6 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:2#1552]
Meh. Yet another OAV from the 1990s that adapts source material from an ongoing manga series just to snag a quick buck and tease folks into buying the manga. I'll admit that the visuals to this are quite slick for an early 1990s anime sporting a great amount of detail and subdued colors, as well as some intense combat scenes from Alita and Ido's bounty hunting. In addition, it does make an effort at trying to have you care for some of the ordeals faced by Alita in the post-apocalyptic trash city she inhabits, particularly her situation with Yugo in the second OAV. But with only two 30-minute OAV episodes, there's only so much you can depict with this series as pacing is rushed, plot developments are left unresolved, there's a noticeable jump in the flow of events between the first and second episodes and it is kind of tough to try establishing a connection with characters when the series doesn't have the time in an OAV format to flesh them out enough so you would care for them. This isn't to say I hate the source material for Battle Angel Alita as it does have its potential considering Alita trying to understand her past and comprehend living in the wasteyard slums she was dumped in. But like a decent number of OAVs in the 1990s, this was a bone tossed out just so you could get sucked into buying the manga adaptation of the series.

Last updated Friday, September 02 2011. Created Friday, September 02 2011.
Buy 9 8 8 8 8 8 Sesen Kelader [series:2#471]
It bears really thoughful ideas. There are lots of actions and violent scenes, and the background of the world is extremely extraordinary so that it's pretty hard to adapt it at the beginning.
The world is more like corrupted Earth after couple hundreds or thousands year later from now. PPL are divided into two category, one living on the rotted earth, the other living on the machi in the air. Story happens on the earth, however.
Hate, Dreams, Hopes, Love, Revenge, Friendship, and many human feelings include in this anime. Although the way it tells the story is kinda gloomy, it has pretty good points of telling human nature.

Last updated Saturday, January 04 2003. Created Saturday, January 04 2003.
Watch 7 8 7 6 7 Courtney [series:2#80]
I hate it when people make an anime based off a manga and refuse to go the full nine with it! BATTLE ANGEL is a victim of such a horrible crime as its volumes of interesting manga are ignored just so some production company could make a few quick bucks on the generalities of a series. A quality beginning to a series I doubt well see more of. Not too bad a premise, but I am getting a little tired of these cyber-punk stories (never a fav genre of mine). Probably a more enjoyable viewing if youve read the comic, otherwise youll just feel a little confused/cheated after watching the makings of a great saga.

Last updated Tuesday, October 16 2001. Created Tuesday, October 16 2001.
Buy 7 8 8 6 7 Lord Folken [series:2#202]
This is a very interesting anime. The environment the story takes place in is really neat. One thing that was especially great, was the mystery of Zalem(a floating city). The main characters were quite good, especially their designs. The minor characters' designs were a bit disapointing,(and even a little annoying at times). It kept me interested through the whole show. My only complaint was that the last battle, with the bounty hunter who has been following Gally, was a little anti-climatic. It starts out like its going to be this enormously tough battle, then becomes a short and (in my opinion) unimpressive battle. Over all it is enjoyable and recommend buying it.

Last updated Thursday, October 11 2001. Created Thursday, October 11 2001.
Buy 8 7 8 8 6 Midnighter [series:2#94]
I really liked this anime. The only problem I had with it was there wasn't enough of it! The animation was very good, and I liked the character designs of Gally and Yugo a lot, cute without being nausiating, though I didn't care for many of the supporting cast. The art was cool, dark and brooding, and it reminded me ever so much of Masamune Shirow. The music was very cool, and the story, while not excellent, was sufficient, even engaging.
The mechanical and cybernetic design was really good, and there were some novel and intelligent ideas presented, like hooking Yugo's head into Gally's life support systems. Little touches like that made Battle Angel even better.
Remarkable action sequences, great animation, cool characters and a decent story make Battle Angel a buy, even if it does run a bit short.

Last updated Wednesday, October 09 2002. Created Friday, April 06 2001.
Rent 9 6 8 5 7 5 Bryan [series:2#14]
This is my first review. In other words, I do not have the slightest idea if this will work. Strike this from your page Rebecca if it is not in keeping with the idea of the review section :)
Ok, basically I'd give the series a "rent" rating for reasons I will outline below.
Beyound this point are several *SPOILERS*
So we have this giant floating city, Zalem. Very nice, but why exactly are they discarding all this rusted metal? Do they leave it sitting in the rain for a couple of years before dropping it down the chute? It just doesn't make any sense! Anyone who can create a floating city is going to have super-light alloys that don't rust and they will likely recycle most of their stuff anyway.
As for Gally, she is really one of the best character designs I've seem. The cute head (eyes more detailed than from Kodocha) attanched to this strange metal body. The dichotomy of the two is simply beautiful!
Obviosly there is not a lot of time for character development in just two eps (big minus in my book). However, Gally and the other kid, Yugo I think, work quite well in their few scenes together. That leads to a few more problems however.
In the final ep something happens to Yugo (let's say he is gravely injured). There is this idea where Gally sort of hooks herself up to Yugo to keep him alive. Do we get to see this awesome scene, the type of thing that would make
Masamune Shirow cry with joy?? Noooo, we get some stupid pen and ink drawing. Did they run out of cash in just two eps?
And finally, at the very end (of the OAV, the manga has barely started I gather at this point)Yugo basically commits suicide! Did I get this right? He jumps off of Zalem for Pete's sake. This has no emotional effect on me at all because it is so insipid! Now if he fell, different story; but he chooses to die with Gally right there.
The fight scenes between Gally and the BIG guy are pretty good, as is the overall mood evoked by the day-to-day goings on in Scrap City (or whatever it was called).
A movie taking off from this point might be quite interesting.

Last updated Thursday, September 09 1999. Created Thursday, September 09 1999.

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