List Titles with YUKI Nobuteru

Title Rating Synopsis
Battle Angel Rent See Tsutsu Yume GUNNM
Battle Angel Alita Rent See Tsutsu Yume GUNNM
Delinquent Detective Rent See Sukeban Deka
Gunnmu Rent See Tsutsu Yume GUNNM

Sukeban Deka
Rent A horrific accident has taken place at Takanoha High School--but evidence is mounting that it may not have been an "accident" at all! The school is held in the iron grip of the nefarious Mizuchi sisters, daughters of a corrupt but highly influential politician. What's needed is someone who can infiltrate the school and collect evidence to bring down the Mizuchi family. The police turn to Saki Asamiya, once a notorious female juvenile delinquent at Takanoha, but now incarcerated in a reformatory. Saki's Mother is a prisoner as well, and the threat of her execution persuades Saki to accept the job.

Tsutsu Yume GUNNM

A violent world, of cyborgs, gladiators, body part theves and law enforcement by bounty hunter.

スケバン刑事[スケバン・デカ] Rent See Sukeban Deka
銃夢 Rent See Tsutsu Yume GUNNM

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