Tsutsu Yume GUNNM - 1: Rusty Angel

Title:Tsutsu Yume GUNNM
Episode:1: Rusty Angel
The places: Zarem, a mysterious floating city where an elite rule from, Scrap Iron City, a violent place where police have been replaced by bounty hunters.
The characters, Ido, a "Cyber Doctor" from Zarem. Gally, a cyborg, who was only a head when Ido found her. Yugo, a youth with a mysterous past. Chiren, a Cyber Doctor, also from Zarem, who seems to have had a relationship with Ido in the past.
Ido spends his evenings working as a "Hunter-Warrior" or bounty hunter. Gally soon joins him in the profession, to his displeasure.
Gally is soon challanged by Greweicia, an outlaw Gally met when she first discovered that Ido was a Hunter Warrior. He has been pumped up by Chiren as revenge against Ido.
Gally then fights Greweicia and defeats him fairly easily.

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