Tsutsu Yume GUNNM - 2: Tears Sign

Title:Tsutsu Yume GUNNM
Episode:2: Tears Sign
Begins showing Yugo as a spine thief. Yugo continues longing for Zalem. He is stealing spines to pay to get to Zalem. Gally begins bringing in expensive bounties so that when he has the money, she'll be able to go too.
Yugo gets identifieid by a Hunter Warrior and gets a bounty put on his head. Gally offers to combine her money with his so that he may go to Zalem.
Before Yugo can get to buy his way to Zalem he is struck down by a Hunter Warrior who we discover killed Yugo's brother as well. Gally kills the Hunter Warrior quickly. Gally then takes Yugo's head to Ido, who saves him by attaching his head to a robot body.
Ido tells us that Zalem is a pipe dream and that no one ever goes to Zalem. On hearing this Yugo flees. Ido goes to avenge Yugo (going to his former boss) and discovers Chiren reduced to spare parts.
Gally finds Yugo climbing one of the huge tubes that connect Zalem to the ground. He falls to his death, despite Gally's attempt to save him.

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