Kite Liberator

Title:Kite Liberator
カイト リベレイター (Japanese)
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Notables: R1 License - Media Blasters
In the earlier story, Kite, a young girl killer named Sawa suddenly disappears after she avenges her parents` death. Now some several years later, an new 'Angel of Death' has suddenly appeared in the city. With brilliant blue eyes, she kills her victims in a flurry of white feathers and then vanishes. Monaka is a normal high school student, though her quiet and modest lifestyle hides a much darker side.

55-minute single OAV episode released in March '08.

1:45min Official Trailer - YouTube Video
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Watch 10 10 9 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1746#1552]
(Watch-/ Avoid+)

You call this a sequel to Kite? How does this have anything to do with Sawa or the group of assassins she was associated with from her original 1998 series? Regardless, the plot to this movie is a bit of a mess tossing in random elements in a vain attempt to create any sense of imaginable substance such as the poorly addressed "space food and radiation mutates astronauts" side-plot, Monaka using her tasteless maid cafe job as a front for her job as an assassin and failed drama coming from what we learn of Monaka and her father. While the original Kite had a sense of mood and plot covering the cruel, tragic and merciless developments Sawa faced as an assassin, Liberator doesn't keep things as grounded as it seemingly goes for a more gritty, over-the-top feel and doesn't seem sure what kind of series it wanted to be with its elements of sci-fi thriller, crime action and heart-wrenching drama. All three of these don't mesh too well as the sci-fi element is way out of place with what we seen of the original series and because Monaka doesn't have any tragic developments like Sawa had from the original Kite, I couldn't find myself connecting with her as I did with Sawa from the original series.

Liberator does deliver well on the action element through its high quality presentation as it makes great use of CG and cel-shaded animation to render both the environments of Tokyo and the space station in which the show is mainly set in. Settings and characters have a great amount of detail applied to them with the color shading seemingly being brighter compared to the original series. Action scenes with characters are fluid and intense as you get to see regular gun-action and later on the enemy that emerges from said sci-fi plot.

Unless you are watching Kite Liberator purely for the action, I would recommend avoiding it or only peeking at it only once as the plotting is a mess with the elements it tries to mix around.

Last updated Wednesday, February 08 2012. Created Wednesday, February 08 2012.
Rent Stretch [series:1746#628]
I had put off watching this one for some time because the reviews here weren't very enthusiastic, but when I finally got around to it I actually had a good time. There were a number of subplots skillfully interwoven and which came together in a pleasing manner at the end. Monaka and Mukai were likeable characters, with distinctively different personalities but similar special skills. The show got slightly ecchi at times, but nothing like the uncut version of the original movie. It was all going pretty well until we saw what had happened to the astronauts who ate the wrong foods and got too much radiation--that was so totally absurd that I couldn't help laughing. Still, I was having too much fun to give up altogether, so I set that faux-pa aside and enjoyed the remainder of the show. You have to remember that the first movie wasn't altogether plausible either; somehow, that tongue-in-cheek attitude to danger and action is one of the things that makes the Kite sub-genre fun. Kite Liberator seemed kind of cool, all told; I liked it. Let me see if I got this straight; Mukai is the original Kite, right?

Last updated Sunday, July 13 2008. Created Sunday, July 13 2008.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1746#967]
Great dark animation, interesting characters and gory violence, but it just does not 'click' like the original OVA - Kite.

Why is Monaka into this whole 'batman' vengeance trip? How does she pick her targets? Who pays for all of her fancy toys and weapons?

And the 2nd parallel story about her father being in space, where he gets 'poisoned' by a researcher from a secretive food-distributor which causes him to transform into a clone of the 'incredible hulk' is just a bit too much ....

Just splashing together scenes of cute violent girls, lots of gun-n-gore action and big monsters doesn't work very well, unless there is plot or story line to string them all together. And so far the first OVA episode does not really seem to have one ....

Last updated Wednesday, April 02 2008. Created Wednesday, April 02 2008.
Rent Forbin [series:1746#1573]
Analysis : 1 Fansub watched

  • Drama : Low
  • Action : Med
  • Comedy : None
  • SciFi : Med
  • Ecchi : Med
    • One front shot.
Bah! I miss Sawa! Monaka is ok, but with no explanation of why she is a killer, and about 1/2 of the action, and all this stuff about her father becoming a escapee from Full Metal Alchemist, this OVA is all over the place.

She works for a guy who doesn't recognize her when she buys weapons? BAH!

BTW Did you notice Sawa? She's there.

Last updated Wednesday, April 02 2008. Created Wednesday, April 02 2008.

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