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Title:Giant Robo
Giant Robo : The Day the Earth Stood Still
Giant Robo : The Night the Earth Stood Still
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Notables: Original Concept - YOKOYAMA Mitsuteru
R1 License - Manga Entertainment
R1 License - Media Blasters
In the brave new world of the future, Earth has gone through its third energy revolution, and now all power is based on a new invention called 'the Shizuma Drive,' a complete indispensable and pollution free energy system created ten years ago by a group of five scientists. The Shizuma Drive powers everything and there is absolutely no danger of nuclear radiation, or waste of rare petroleum resources.

Even though it sounds like an ideal society, there are still problems. There are two major powers who are locked in a fierce struggle. The first is the Big Fire Organization, which is a very powerful evil organization, and threatens to conquer the world, with the help of their numerous robots.

The only people capable of putting a stop to their plan is the International Police Organization. They consist of a team of agents, all having their own special powers. They also have the most powerful robot in the world, Giant Robo, which is controlled by Daisaku Kusama...
[OVA, 1992-1995 and 1998, 7 episodes, 39-55 min; see also: Giant Robo 2007, GinRei Special]
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Rent 8 7 7 8 7 7 Ggultra2764 [series:1524#1552]
Older anime fans seem to regard Giant Robo as a classic for the mecha genre of anime. To be honest, I think how well you enjoy this anime will depend on how well you warm up to the old-school elements to the mecha genre prevalent throughout the series. The series is a classic case of good vs evil for a storyline with a group of superhumans called the Experts of Justice fighting against the plans of world domination orchestrated by the evil syndicate called Big Fire. It gets into melodramatics at many points with characters breaking out soliloquys over their actions and conveniently placed rescues or survivals with death. Also, the way characters were designed (big noses and some silly-looking faces), dressed (a number of the characters among both factions are dressed like they're from feudal era Japan) and/ or demonstrated their abilities (one Big Fire member casually flicking one's fingers to slice apart foes) screams enough cheese that it can be laughable despite the series taking itself as seriously as it does. If you can't take these elements as all part of the show's old-school charm, then this baby won't be for you.

Looking past the old school flair of the series, Giant Robo does have a solid plot it develops as a new member of Big Fire named Genya has some big plans of revenge that he hopes to establish with the organization's help involving the new clean energy source that the human populace has come to rely on. The series slowly reveals more about his plans and his past, revealing to have past ties to one of the Experts of Justice members and having a past that closely parallels the young main protagonist of the series, Daisaku. These revelations help add some depth to some major characters of the series and create some developments with Daisaku's character where he must come to grips with the idealist beliefs he has as the youngest of the Experts. Most other characters are rather limited in depth however, which is a big problem as the series adds in too many characters who don't really have any role to play in this series nor have much to do. Not to mention that the series appeared to be left open-ended as the threat of Big Fire had yet to be stopped by the OVA's end and it was hinted they still had bigger plans in store.

Issues aside with its old-school approach, big cast and open ending, Giant Robo is still a solid entry in the mecha genre with its solid plot developments and depth on a number of its major characters. If you enjoy older mecha titles, this would be a worthwhile watch for you.

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Buy 10 10 10 10 9 Big Fire [series:1524#2441]
Updated 11-2008 After not having watched Giant Robo in a while and not wanting to break out my VCR, I forced my self to watch the hated Media Blaster version which I own as well. After not being able to handle the new version of the english dub, I found to my suprise the ability to switch over to the Original Manga Entertainment version dub under the Extras section. To my suprise it has been there all along!!! I apologize to Media Blasters for bad mouthing it's product. Yes their version of the dub is still bad, but I have to give a HUGE THANK YOU for including the original dub on the DVDs. I can now enjoy Giant Robo in all its splendor the way I am accustomed to viewing it. Yes the art is very cartoon character looking, but Giant Robo is a great ride and I still highly recommend.

Original review Ok, so this is why i became a reviewer for this site, we didn't have any Giant Robo Info...The Horrah!!! Yes it is old circa 1992-1998, and it was kinda irritating how it took them 4 years to give you the last episode, and i felt there were too many flash backs...But aside from that...This anime had it all...Super Powered Bad guys(Big Fire) and Bad Guys Fighting With Good Guys(Experts of Justice), and even Bad guys fighting amongst themselves!!! and to top it off...a Huge Robot and a big mechanical menacing eye...I know the animation is retro, but it was sooooo Good and there were tons of characters that you can get to like and not like...The original anime was released in the us via manga entertainment and the music was performed by Poland National Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra which was VERY good...If anyone is picking up giant robo for the first time and going to be watching it in english I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you DO NOT WATCH the media blasters version(also known as the DVD version) the soundtrack sucks and the voice overs are sub-par...Yes the Manga Entertainment version is only available on VHS, but it is like Night and Day...I cannot say enough about the anime, but i am out of time for now...So if you never watched it before and you like robots and people with super human powers, with an actual story line to boot! Go Watch It!

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