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Giant Robo
Buy In the brave new world of the future, Earth has gone through its third energy revolution, and now all power is based on a new invention called 'the Shizuma Drive,' a complete indispensable and pollution free energy system created ten years ago by a group of five scientists. The Shizuma Drive powers everything and there is absolutely no danger of nuclear radiation, or waste of rare petroleum resources.

Giant Robo 2007
Unevaluated That magnificent iron figure has come back with brand new look!
Giant Robo : The Day the Earth Stood Still Buy See Giant Robo
Giant Robo : The Night the Earth Stood Still Buy See Giant Robo

GinRei Special
Watch Ginrei, the popular female superspy from the GIANT ROBO Animé series, is given her own short, three episode series with GINREI SPECIAL. More comedic than the action packed GIANT ROBO, GINREI SPECIAL features a trio of lighthearted adventures. The criminal organization Big Fire devise a plan to undermine their enemies by kidnapping Ginrei and replacing her with an evil twin. The oblivious Ginrei, however, is more concerned about the disappearance of her favorite dress. Meanwhile, her allies the Experts of Justice become concerned when they discover that Big Fire's employee benefits far surpass their own! GINREI SPECIAL takes the characters from the popular GIANT ROBO series, and provides a change of pace in a series of comedic scenarios.
GR - Giant Robo Unevaluated See Giant Robo 2007
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Unevaluated See Yokoyama Mitsuteru Sangokushi (TV)
Sangokushi Unevaluated See Yokoyama Mitsuteru Sangokushi (TV)
Yokoyama Mitsuteru Sangokushi (TV) Unevaluated See Yokoyama Mitsuteru Sangokushi (TV)

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