Coyote Ragtime Show

Title:Coyote Ragtime Show
コヨーテ ラグタイムショー
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Notables: Animation - UFOTable
Music - KAMEYAMA Kouichirou
R1 License - FUNimation
YUYA Atsuko
A Coyote : A person or persons who go around the galaxy hunting treasure using legal or illegal means. The greatest of the Coyotes is a shadowy character known as 'Mister' who has been missing for the past year. A government investigator, Angelica, has tracked him down to a prison planet where he is doing time for a minor traffic offense. Just as she shows up, Mister's arch-enemy, Ms. Marciano shows up with her death squad: the 12 Sisters, a group of unstoppable young female cyborgs dressed in black and armed to the teeth. They are also hunting down Mister. But why does everyone want him? And why has he been hiding all this time?

Animation by UFOTable.
R1 Licensed by Funimation.
12 TV Episodes

On July 4th ’08, it was announced that this title has been picked up by FUNimation.

1:30min Series Opening - YouTube Video
Episode Details 
01, 02, 03, 04, 98, 98X, 98Y, 98Z, 98W, 99
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Watch 9 9 8 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1374#1552]
Coyote Ragtime Show is mostly spectacle, but little of substance in its focus on space pirate Mister and his gang trying to find the whereabouts of hidden pirate treasure while avoiding both the police and a criminal organization led by Marciano. While the series is nicely animated with great action sequences involving both spaceship and gun action, there isn't much notable that sticks out with the show's plot and characters as the former mostly follows typical storytelling tropes of American action movies and the latter are mostly nothing but character types that don't get much in the way of fleshing out for the most part. While notable for being one of Ufotable's earlier works, it is still forgettable fare for an action anime to a great degree.

Last updated Thursday, January 18 2018. Created Thursday, January 18 2018.
Watch Forbin [series:1374#1573]
From the same people who brought you Futakoi Alternative.

Unfortunately it didn't really click with me. The first episode was a big BANG, but then the story is about a guy who is looking for a treasure with a bunch of super powered people following him. It's Outlaw Star all over.

Big deal. The last episode was a complete mess with people fighting in weird 5 second shots and many missing scenes. Angelica was totally wasted.
Why in the heck did ADV license this? It's a nice watch, but they should've gotta FA:A instead. (Well except that one has a ton of Loli).

You know what, I just realized the 12 sisters are dead ringers for the 12 sisters of Angel Tales, except they are goths.

Last updated Monday, September 25 2006. Created Wednesday, September 20 2006.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:1374#628]
(Four episodes watched):

Episode one was a blast, and left me thinking that this was definitely a neat, stylish show with a clever, sophisticated plot, first-rate animation and nice character designs--practically everything about this show cried out "quality"! Plus a wicked sense of humor! Around halfway through the opening episode I was thinking that this was a good detective show, but not nearly as outlandish as I'd heard--and then the "Twelve Sisters" showed up. An excellent way to start a series--clearly this seemed like a "must watch" show, and I was eager for more. The next couple of episodes have been fun, but haven't lived up to the same standard--I'm disappointed that apparently Angelica and Chelsea won't be the main characters after all.

...and basically I lost interest after this was R1 licensed and have yet to pick it up again. Since only the first episode seemed outstanding, it didn't seem worth while.

Catch Angelica Barnes and the Twelve Sisters montages at Cute Girls with Guns!

Last updated Sunday, October 31 2010. Created Saturday, July 22 2006.
Watch Jan-Chan [series:1374#967]
OMG !!!

This is a very fun series. I posted some snaps of episode 01.

So, what takes your fancy?

Cute Girls?

Tough Bounty Hunters?

A dozen cute cybernetic killer loli-goths?

Or perhaps .... Guns, guns and even more GUNS?

This is from the UFOTable anime team (you remember, they are the people that worked on the bizare loser series Futakoi Alternative and Ninin ga Shinobuden. Well, they are back again and they are still very bizzare!)

Well, that was my review of the first episode. Tis a shame that it all went downhill after that and failed to carry through. Oh-wells ... that seems to be a issue with many of UFOtable's series. Great animation paired up with a so-so lame-a** storyline.

Last updated Saturday, May 22 2010. Created Tuesday, July 18 2006.

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