Coyote Ragtime Show - 03: The Man He Called His Right Arm

Title:Coyote Ragtime Show
Episode:03: The Man He Called His Right Arm
The Twelve Sisters and a small army of stormtroopers set off in pursuit of Mister and his companions. Aboard Mister's hovercraft, Katana is enthusiastic about their chances of recovering the treasure known as "Blues' Bequest", but Mister points out that a)they are being followed and b)Francas' pendant is not an exact guide to the treasure's location. The Sisters, for their part, need to take Mister alive. They get too close and he gives them a bloody nose. Mister asks Franca if she knows where they might find "Swamp Gordon", once "Pirate King Blues Dockley's Right Arm". They head to his whereabouts. Mister reveals a plan to unite the disorganized, squabbling Coyotes. "Boss Swamp", now a preacher, is expecting Mister and is not altogether pleased with the idea of him acquiring Blues' Bequest. "Blues, the man you chose has come" he says to himself; "I'm gonna see with my own eyes why you chose him instead of me". Meanwhile, Angelica and Chelsea are aboard a spaceship headed for Ku-Rong. When Angelica hears that the Sisters have already appeared there, she demands that the ship accelerate, and goes to her special source of information for an explanation...
I'm sort of sorry to see that Angelica and Chelsea seem to have been relegated to supporting character status, always being two steps behind Mister and the Sisters. I presume she'll play a larger part later on. "Swamp" is a fairly wacky character, but not nearly as outlandish as the Sisters and I find the expectations that the first episode left me with haven't been completely fulfilled. Surely the best moment of this episode came when Angelica grills her "informant". Surely the worst moment came near the end, when we are treated to/have to endure a stereotypical good-guy-never-misses-bad-guys-never-hit shootout. For me, few things kill the excitement of a show faster than these unrealistic action scenes. I mean, baddies with submachineguns can't hit Mister at pointblank range, yet he takes them out with a revolver? Come on!! Am I just bitching pointlessly here, or does anyone else agree with me?

My favorite line: "I prefer hand-to-hand combat, but I'm worried about our clothes being damaged" --One of the Twelve Sisters

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