Coyote Ragtime Show - 02: Little Girl Of The Bar "Pirate"

Title:Coyote Ragtime Show
Episode:02: Little Girl Of The Bar "Pirate"
A red-haired girl is sitting alone in her dark apartment, gazing at a photo of "Mister", and herself as a child, being held by her father (probably). Madame Marciano is undergoing an "impeachment trial". Her accusers demand to know why she sent the precious Twelve Sisters after a single "Coyote". She will not say, and is not interested in the verdict. Angelica and Chelsea, meanwhile, have determined that Mister intentionally got himself imprisoned for a year over a relatively minor DUI incident. What's strange is that he was scheduled to be released soon, yet staged an elaborate escape. Seven days remain until the rebellious planet Graceland is to be vaporized by a Photonic Annihilation Bomb. Mister's assistants Katana and Bishop complete repairs on a spaceship. On the planet Ku-Rong, in the "Pirate" Bar, a fight breaks out among coyotes. It is quelled by the bar's operator, "Little Miss". Actually, the owner of the bar is none other than Mister--who promptly turns up for the first time in several years. Little Miss suspects he has only returned to use her as a means of finding a treasure which her late father stashed on Graceland. Mister insists that isn't so; the Guild killed her father, he says, "because of something he left behind". He figures she would want to see what it was, and offers to take her to it. Suddenly, they are startled by a low-flying helicopter gunship--the Guild has caught up to them...
Yes, yes, don't worry, the Twelve Sisters are alive and well. I get the impression that Mister, not Angelica, may be the main protagonist of this show. What exactly is a "Coyote"? Angelica describes Mister as "an outlaw pretending to be one of the good guys" and "an egotistical romantic"--in other words, a Coyote. Keep an eye out for the motorcycle jacket worn by a coyote in the Pirate Bar. Trying to save just the right frame during wild, fast moving action scenes makes me realise that there is so much animation that you don't see, because your eyes can't possibly keep up. Pausing every now and then reveals all sorts of detail which you never knew existed. The animation style of the ED sequence is WTF. All-in-all, a fun show, but not as good as the first episode, I think--the "miraculous rescue" at the end is hard to take seriously; I prefer heroes who rely on their wits rather than dumb luck.

My favorite line: "Don't you have anything besides your memory and boob size?" --Angelica

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