Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi

Title:Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi
Everyday is Sunday
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Notables: ASAMI Junko
IKEDA Masaru
Original Concept - TAKADA Yuuzou
During a heavy downpour, a girl is running away from a boy. She crosses a street, not seeing the oncoming truck. But the boy does, and pushes her away...bloodily injuring his hand. Frightened, she runs away from the scene.Eight years later this girl (whose name is Takeshita Yumi) has grown up to become a rookie police officer. On her first day on duty, the overeager Yumi hears a scream and finds a purse-snatching victim. She sees a heavyset man running away and gives chase, catches him and with her strength and combat skills, flattens him. Not only has she caught the wrong guy but the scar on his hand shows that he's Ichidaiji Tohru, the young man who saved her so many years ago and now is an illusionist by trade. To make it up to him, Yumi goes on a date with him - during which they happen to run into the real purse-snatcher... Watch the promising policewoman and the ingenious illusionist team up against the underworld - she'll arrest your heart as well!

[OVA, 1990-92, 6 episodes, 24 min; fansub]
Animation by Animate Film & I.G. Tatsunoko
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Watch 7 8 6 6 5 8 Devil Doll [series:1308#752]
[Score: 63%]
  • Drama: Low
  • Comedy: High
  • Action: Med/High
  • SciFi: None
  • Ecchi: Low/Med
An ancient action comedy - can there be any less likely candidate for me to review? Yet I happened to stumble across this one and liked it enough to continue watching it.
Both the cheerful OP and the slow ED song are nothing special IMHO, and the same goes for the rest of the Music. The Art is what you'd expect from an 1990-92 OVA: Old-style hair (think Video Girl Ai or Kimagure Orange Road (TV)) but surprisingly smooth movement, thus I do like the Animation.
The six episodes are very light-hearted, full of slapstick comedy, including some action and some fan-service. The violence is on the level of, say, Bugs Bunny - you'll see people flying around every now and then. Note that episode 2 had frontal nudity and even pixelated body parts... so it's not exactly an All Ages series but not really ecchi either.
While the opponents are just one-dimensional cardboards villains the lead Characters are funny as well as likeable:
  • Takeshita Yumi is completely dedicated to her job but falling in a kind of shy love with Tohru-san, often pitying his misfortunes and trying to help him out. At times she overshoots the mark but she's a honest, kind-hearted woman whom everybody should be fond of.
  • Ichidaiji Tohru is a great match for his 'Yumi-han' - a nice guy with certain weaknesses and a charming loser but still trying to help Yumi out whenever possible.
  • Ninomiya Shiho is the spoilt granddaughter of the Tawagoto Precinct police chief and Yumi's partner at work, completely irresponsible but cheerful; her granddad has sone funny scenes as well.
  • Sarasa Maijima is a famous idol now while Yumi still remembers her as elementary school buddy. She's selfish and resentful, holding some old grudge against Yumi and trying to give her a hard time whenever possible.
The individual Episode Stories (about a cherry blossom party, a beauty contest, an idol bodyguard task, and a Sumo tournament, plus two feature episodes for Yumi resp. Tohru) are written in a rather simple way but they provide a funny combination of police and illusionists work; to my own surprise I found the combat scenes quite entertaining, and the trailer section of episode 2 (Tohru at the bathroom) is absolutely hilarious.
So if you're a fan of slapstick humor and silly-funny action, give this one a try!

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