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Everyday is Sunday Watch See Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi

Houma Hunter Lime

From a parallel world, a creature has entered our world. Lime follows it with the purpose of destroying it. However, when Lime's partner, Bass, drops a box of magic sphere's, those spheres occupy regular objects (like a candle, a coin purse) and become youkai -- magical monsters/demons. The spheres are also known as houma (or Jewel BEM in the official translation). Now Bass and Lime must gather all of the spheres before the gateway to their world opens again.

Jewel BEM Hunter Lime Watch See Houma Hunter Lime
Jewel Hunter Lime BEM Watch See Houma Hunter Lime

Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi
Watch During a heavy downpour, a girl is running away from a boy. She crosses a street, not seeing the oncoming truck. But the boy does, and pushes her away...bloodily injuring his hand. Frightened, she runs away from the scene.Eight years later this girl (whose name is Takeshita Yumi) has grown up to become a rookie police officer. On her first day on duty, the overeager Yumi hears a scream and finds a purse-snatching victim. She sees a heavyset man running away and gives chase, catches him and with her strength and combat skills, flattens him. Not only has she caught the wrong guy but the scar on his hand shows that he's Ichidaiji Tohru, the young man who saved her so many years ago and now is an illusionist by trade. To make it up to him, Yumi goes on a date with him - during which they happen to run into the real purse-snatcher... Watch the promising policewoman and the ingenious illusionist team up against the underworld - she'll arrest your heart as well!
毎日が日曜日 Watch See Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi

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