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Aa! Megami-sama - Tatakau Tsubasa
Buy An attack in the heavens takes out several of the Shinzoku (heavenly beings) and forces the valkyrie (combat squad) goddess Lind down to Earth to look for a powerful creature that has been stolen -- an Angel Eater. Despite Lind's efforts to protect Belldandy, Urd, Peorth, Skuld, and Keiichi, the creature still manages to do its thing and Lind suspects the Mazoku (demonic beings) are behind the attack. Can the goddesses defeat this creature before it takes all of their angels?
Ah! My Goddess Fighting Wings Buy See Aa! Megami-sama - Tatakau Tsubasa
Ah! My Goddess Tatakau Tsubasa Buy See Aa! Megami-sama - Tatakau Tsubasa
Cinderella Rhapsody Watch See Project A-ko 3: Cinderella Rhapsody
Cuando las cigarras lloran - Gratitud (Spanish) Rent See Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei
Everyday is Sunday Watch See Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei
Rent The endless cycle of murders has been broken and Rika is finally able to settle down for a normal life with her friends. However, she is involved in a traffic accident and wakes up in a world where everything is different. A world where no one committed the sins that shaped them into the persons they are. It's up to Rika to discover the truth behind this world and whether or not it truly is perfect.
Lain Rent See Serial Experiments Lain

Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi
Watch During a heavy downpour, a girl is running away from a boy. She crosses a street, not seeing the oncoming truck. But the boy does, and pushes her away...bloodily injuring his hand. Frightened, she runs away from the scene.Eight years later this girl (whose name is Takeshita Yumi) has grown up to become a rookie police officer. On her first day on duty, the overeager Yumi hears a scream and finds a purse-snatching victim. She sees a heavyset man running away and gives chase, catches him and with her strength and combat skills, flattens him. Not only has she caught the wrong guy but the scar on his hand shows that he's Ichidaiji Tohru, the young man who saved her so many years ago and now is an illusionist by trade. To make it up to him, Yumi goes on a date with him - during which they happen to run into the real purse-snatcher... Watch the promising policewoman and the ingenious illusionist team up against the underworld - she'll arrest your heart as well!
Maria Watches Over Us Buy See Maria-sama ga Miteru

Maria-sama ga Miteru
Buy Yumi is a first year student at the Lillian School For Girls, an exclusive all girl's catholic school. The school has a tradition that older girls take a younger girl as their little sister or "soeur" in order to instruct and look out for them. Though Yumi admires Sachiko, a reserved second year student who is a member of the student council, she has no hopes of being chosen as her soeur. When an innocent encounter leads Sachiko to impulsively ask Yumi to be her soeur, Yumi is suddenly brought into the inner circle of the Roses, who are the members of the student council. With Sachiko at her side, Yumi begins to unravel and understand the relationships between the Roses and their soeurs and figure out her own feelings for Sachiko.

Maria-sama ga Miteru 3rd
Rent A collection of short stories starring the Yamayurikai beginning with Fukuzawa Yumi going on vacation with Ogasawara Sachiko.

Maria-sama ga Miteru ~Haru~
Buy It is now Spring, and a new term is about to start at the Lillian Academy. The relationships between the Roses continues to unfold, in this beautifully expressive tale.
MariMite Buy See Maria-sama ga Miteru
MariMite: ~Haru~ Buy See Maria-sama ga Miteru ~Haru~
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