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Notables: ICHIKI Mitsuhiro
MOMOI Haruko
Music - Lantis
R1 License - FUNimation
SAKAI Kanako
Ayumi Mamiya has a problem. A magic mirror cursed her to lose her powers unless she can find her curse breaker Harou Yoshikawa. The problem? Harou is a powerless lame guy who is always overprotected by his 3 cute sisters; Maika, Chiaki, and Fuyuno. Stealing Harou's first kiss, Ayumi tries to go for broke but his sisters stop her and a magical battle ensues (Did I mention his sisters are all witches?) They fight to a draw and agree on a few things. 1) Ayumi can stay in the house as a maid. 2) Ayumi cannot sleep with Harou. and 3) Harou is to live his life as a normal guy and if he finds out about Magic, the 'Magic Memory-Erasing-Hammer' is to solve all problems.

So Ayumi is next to her curse breaker and the curse is coming up soon, so she will do anything to make Haruo a man.
Based on Takeaki Momose`s manga.

Produced by Tokyo Kids and GONZO (under the name "Gonzo-style" as it is a joint effort and not a sole product of GONZO)
13 TV Episides

On July 4th ’08, it was announced that R1 License for this title has been transferred from ADV to FUNimation.

1:30min (English) Promo/Trailer - YouTube Video
Episode Details 
99, 100, 1893, 1984
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Buy 9 8 9 8 8 8 Dreamer [series:1282#2279]
Having watched this a while back, I rewatched it so I can give a proper review.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art was really good. Colors were vibrant and details were pretty high up there. Character designs is what I loved about this series. They were all well done and drawn in a style that I tend to prefer. All the Yoshikawa girls were all uber kawaii!!! Especially little Fuyuno... hehehe!

The OP was bearable. It was a pop piece with female vocals. Not really my tastes but it worked well with this anime.

Series and Episode Story
This is far better than I had expected. Since I'm not a "magic" fan and try to avoid watching any anime with such topics.... which is kinda hard to do, I didn't have much expectations in liking this one. All the characters were lively and thoroughly enjoyable in their roles. There is some great humor here. Plenty of laughs and wacky moments.

Overall, what a great show! Funny as heck and with a pretty good plot.

Last updated Friday, May 15 2009. Created Friday, May 15 2009.
Rent 6 6 7 6 KBanger1 [series:1282#1694]
I'm gonna go with an early "rent" as a start. Although, I'm not finished with the series. I was interested to see how this harem series would play out from You Tube. After the first episode, I watched up to five episodes. It is the same old concept with normal harem stories go, but I stuck by it because of the english dub. Most of the eng-dubs can be pretty sad, but it fits well with Magikano. Almost to the point where the eng-subs get outdated. Probably to attract a new audience and also to let some of the dialog be current with the times. I know a lot of the dubs try to sync with the original japanese script, but it's just too funny to hear someone say, "It's time for Yuri to choke a b**!" The eng-dubs are getting better as long as it tries to keep with the times and stay somewhat loyal to the original content. I'd probably would still watch this even if the dubs were completely in sync, but this little change made Magikano a lot more watchable as a dub fan. Story-wise, it's nothing truly special. An average boy gets caught up in some witch's plot to save herself from losing her magic. He ends up being her target while his three sisters try to keep not only that witch but to also keep the secret that they are also witches. Pretty straight-forward and not much to go by. I do expect to see a happy ending with this one so it's nothing spectacular. The comedy is pretty high plus with the dubbing it makes it even funnier. For now, harem marks should keep an eye out for this series. Only 13 episodes long, but the next disc won't be out until Feb. the earliest.

Update: 2/9/08

I've completed nine episodes. There hasn't been any major progression in the story but a few hints here and there. I'd give an early "rent" because I feel it might just be a letdown coming to the final disc. Although, I still a lot of the comedy which keeps me drawn into the series.

Final Update: 7/6/08

Overall, I'm not really impressed with the plot. It's something that I think could have been done a whole lot differently. Might not be better but without giving the plot away I think it would contrast with the subtle yet important changes in the story. In the last disc, the comedy tones down a bit but the story doesn't feel like it was taken a lot more seriously than it should. I was just disappointed because there really was no closure at the end. Albeit, a realistically ending (which by no means I'm saying that it's wrong). In fact, a more realistic ending should be the answer to a lot of the more sophisticated to the more serious anime out there. Due to the fact that Magikano is no way near serious (up until the very last episode), the ending really left me with a bad taste in my mouth. You don't mix a serious ending with a over the top anime like this one. It makes you question the writer's POV (point of view). It's supposed to be a fantasy, not a realistic scenario (or should I say a modern day scenario). That's one let down, the blank plot holes that extend to the end of the series. You have characters who don't have any background to the story to the point where you can forget them but all of a sudden they end up being a major character in the end. It makes the character seem so empty and pointless. They say one bad apple can spoil the bunch. In this case, this last installment of Magikano spoiled the series for me a bit.

Last updated Sunday, July 06 2008. Created Sunday, December 16 2007.
Buy 8 8 8 8 8 Anonymous #2286 [series:1282#2286]
I have to admit after watching this series, it strong resembles Marabaho.. it was a hilarious all the way through the series.. The main character was very hard to get her to grow on you.. You would think it would the series would revolve around Harou but it mainly circles around Ayumi.. The story is confusing until the 13th episode but you will probably have to watch it at least twice to see what is going on.. i would go into an in depth synopsis but forbin did a very nice job on his review.. so i won't go into detail.. i totally agree with Forbin on his review.. ^_^

Last updated Tuesday, June 27 2006. Created Tuesday, June 27 2006.
Buy Stretch [series:1282#628]
I'm currently rewatching Magikano a second time (which is why I've upgraded it to a "Buy"), and having a ball as I'm reminded once again of what a goofy, shamelessly funny show this is. The characters are wacky and fun, and the dialogue is fairly witty and unpredictable (see my favorite line, below, for a hint of what to expect). I think episode ten, about a pair of magical panties (?), from Scotland (??) is my favorite. They are not all this good, so I have some reservations about the Buy rating--call it a Buy minus. I originally watched this show concurrently with Kage Kara Mamoru!, and I couldn't help thinking that the overall plot of Magikano was a somewhat more confusing and difficult to follow. I think it would have been a good idea to include some sort of fairly thorough explanation of Ayumi's curse in episode one or two, because I was wondering all along what it was all about and why Haruo had anything to do with it. As I try to keep up with the flood of new anime, I don't really have time to rewatch certain episodes in order to catch obscure but important plot points, and I rely on the writers doing a good job of explaining the story. But the long-term plot isn't all that critical to enjoying this show, and I thought the final episode wrapped things up pretty neatly (though I would have liked a little more material in the after the credits sequence). Finally, I wouldn't say she was ugly, but am I the only one who thought Ayumi's nose vaguely resembled that of a pig? A few more shows like this, and we'll need a new sub-genre called "Magical Harem Comedy", in which some latent magical power (which he's probably unaware of) enables a milquetoast guy to attract a number of hot chicks to himself.

My favorite line: "Same for my butt! It's so itchy I can't take it!" --Ayumi


Last updated Friday, February 29 2008. Created Friday, June 09 2006.
Buy Forbin [series:1282#1573]
Anime TypesNotes
DramaLowNot Much except near the end
ComedyHighTo think I rated this a Med
SciFiHighTons of magic
EcchiLow/MedSuprisingly, it's low, some panty shots and maybe some fanservice
Complete Review
It all started with a Mirror. And Forbin thought this would be a useless series full of breasts and sex.

What was I considered an 'Also Ran' anime (If you know horse racing - There are winners and Also rans) this became my number #1 comedy Anime of 2006 so far (Though Haruhi Suzamiya or Girls High might kill it). It surpassed Girls Bravo in Sex and Comedy and still retained all of the clothes! (Well except for Bath scenes but those are censored). If the ending had been better this would've defeated Maburaho and for me that's hard to do. But then ending was a bit of a let down so it didn't finish with a bang.

So What did I like about it?
  • The comedy : It was great! I was laughing in every episode
  • The Magikano Products Commercial : Reminded me of the old Acme cartoons of the roadrunner days.
  • The OP : It changes with almost every episode. Most are subtle. And once you see the end of the show, you will understand why. The song is nice too.
  • The ED : SD Mode kicks ass! And it actually tells a silly little story why doing it too.
  • The Violence : It wasn't Girls Bravo lets break some necks violence. It was a GIGANTIC magical hammer making little lumps on the heads of it's victims. More old Cartoon references!
  • Maika (The Sister) : Once you realize that she isn't an Incestous sister, she is a Motherly sister, she is completely adorable (Well except when she becomes a demon). All she wants from Harou is a pat on the head or a kiss on the cheek.
  • The Cat Panties : It's Pantsu! It's a Kitten. It causes people to go wild! OMG This thing is a Triple Entendre!
So what did I hate about it?
  • Ayumi Mamiya (The Main Character) : I just didn't like her look. Though she did grow on me, she didn't grab me in the beginning like Haruhi Suzamiya did.
  • The Ending : A typical harem ending, but a thinking harem endings (You must rewatch the whole thing to get it). I consider it weak.
  • Michiru Mamiya (Younger Sister) : For a Villan, she needed more screen time.
So all in all, it's a low BUY. They fix that ending, it would've beat Maburaho. Owells. Can't have them all. But it trounced Kashimashi to the ground!

Episodes :
  • 1: Ayumi starts to live in Harou's house. Where are their parents?
  • 2: Meet Yuri, who isn't (Yuri that is). Class president, digs Harou (Except Maika won't let her get close) and is a sword wielding witch to boot!
  • 3: Maika's backstory: This is one of the better episodes
  • 4: Fanservice and Fanservice, with a hint of the Dokoro-chan censorship! This is a funny series! If I like #5 it's gonna be a buy! Too bad this one is a Filler (With a lead in to Episode 5)
  • 5: Meet Marin : She is looking for evil witches to slay and look what she finds, a bunch of evil witches tamed by the Angel Harou. Add #4 to the harem!
  • 6: Pool - Filler episode, it's funny but no real story in this one.
  • 7: Meet Rika : Super Maid, and a another witch. But she is NOT part of the harem though it sure looks like it if you watch this episode.
  • 8: School Festival aka the Kiss Episode - All 4 girls are trying to win the festival where the prize is Harou's kiss (Not that Harou knows this). This is the absolute best episode.
  • 9: Cinderella Episode - Wow at first I thought this was a stupid filler. Boy was I a wrong! It's very important. We meet Ayumi's sister Michiru. While she does like Harou, it's not like the other girls. Watch it!
  • 10: The Pantsu Episode - Ayumi gets a pair of magical love panties. This is probably the first episode where we even see legs above the skirt line (Aka Zettai Ryouiki - Absolute Territory) but even with this kind of subject matter we do not get to see the panties in this area. A very funny episode again.
  • 11: The Xmas Episode - It's almost Xmas and all the girls expect Harou to spend an exclusive evening with them. Harou though is avoiding all of them for some reason. Funny but I don't quite get the ending. Edit : Now I get it! She couldn't do in IRL so she did it indirectly.
  • 12: The New Years Episode - Harou gets kidnapped. And we learn about the mirror. - OMG This is the best episode of them all! Please License Please License!
  • 13: The final episode? - Ok this is one I have to watch about 3 times to understand. When you watch the ending, keep an eye on what's different. That will give you a bunch of clues.
R1! R1! R1! Whee!

Last updated Saturday, May 12 2007. Created Thursday, January 12 2006.

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