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Love dol ~ Lovely Idol Watch See Love dol ~ Lovely Idol
Lovely Idol Watch See Love dol ~ Lovely Idol

Buy Ayumi Mamiya has a problem. A magic mirror cursed her to lose her powers unless she can find her curse breaker Harou Yoshikawa. The problem? Harou is a powerless lame guy who is always overprotected by his 3 cute sisters; Maika, Chiaki, and Fuyuno. Stealing Harou's first kiss, Ayumi tries to go for broke but his sisters stop her and a magical battle ensues (Did I mention his sisters are all witches?) They fight to a draw and agree on a few things. 1) Ayumi can stay in the house as a maid. 2) Ayumi cannot sleep with Harou. and 3) Harou is to live his life as a normal guy and if he finds out about Magic, the 'Magic Memory-Erasing-Hammer' is to solve all problems.

Rent Matsumaru Fumihiko was stood up by a female workmate whom he had asked to go out with him. When he was about to throw away the movie tickets, a girl blamed him for wasting the tickets. So, he gave her a ticket, and she dragged him along to that movie - where she surprised him by reading all the subtitles aloud...
マジカノ Buy See Magikano
レック Rent See REC

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