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Galaxy Angel II Unevaluated See Galaxy Angel Rune

Galaxy Angel Rune
Unevaluated Set after the end of Galaxy Angel, the main girl of the Angel Brigade is Millfieule's sister Apricot (Rico) (The blond in front). The team is now 5 including Kaluha/Tequila who changes every time she is exposed to alcohol, and Anise who seems to owe Mint a lot of money. They live in a small apartment who's manager appears to be an okama. They also appear to be more of a police force than a recovery service. It also features yuri, pantsu, and all nudity is covered up with a 'Keep Out' tape.

Heat Guy J
Buy Daisuke and his partner J work in the special crimes department. Tasked with a large job of preventing crimes before they happen, Daisuke goes around the city trying to find who is smuggling illegal androids and mutants into the city. Now this would normally be dangerous as these crooks are very powerful themselves but Daisuke has an ace up his sleeve, Heat Guy J or Android J.

Buy Ayumi Mamiya has a problem. A magic mirror cursed her to lose her powers unless she can find her curse breaker Harou Yoshikawa. The problem? Harou is a powerless lame guy who is always overprotected by his 3 cute sisters; Maika, Chiaki, and Fuyuno. Stealing Harou's first kiss, Ayumi tries to go for broke but his sisters stop her and a magical battle ensues (Did I mention his sisters are all witches?) They fight to a draw and agree on a few things. 1) Ayumi can stay in the house as a maid. 2) Ayumi cannot sleep with Harou. and 3) Harou is to live his life as a normal guy and if he finds out about Magic, the 'Magic Memory-Erasing-Hammer' is to solve all problems.

Buy Tsuchimi Rin (Tsucchi, Rin-kun) is your typical high school student. He lives with his 'adopted' sister Kaede who waits on him hand and foot. She is very popular at school except she only has eyes for Rin. One day Rin-kun's class gets two new transfer students - two pretty girls named Nerine (Rin-chan) and Lisianthus (Sia) who also happen to be Princesses of the God and Demon worlds. (About 10 years ago a mysterious gate opened between Heaven and Hell and allowed Gods and Demons to come to Earth. They have been here so long that they even attend normal school and try to fit in with the populace.) Their fathers go up to Rin-kun and tell him that the girls have chosen HIM as their fiancee and whichever girl he chooses will make him the King of the Demon/God world.
シャッフル! Buy See Shuffle!
ヒートガイジェイ Buy See Heat Guy J
マジカノ Buy See Magikano

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