Master Keaton

Title:Master Keaton
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Notables: Animation - Madhouse
Original Concept - URASAWA Naoki
R1 License - Pioneer (Defunct)
Taichi Keaton is a history teacher. He makes little money and moves around a lot. Sometimes, he is hired by Lloyds of London to investigate high risk insurance matters. He travels to far away countries and tries to find out if a policy was written correctly and the insured did not meet an untimely fate. Usually this doesn't result in interesting facts but Master Keaton was an ex Special Ops instructor. He's trained in many forms of armed and unarmed combat. And the situations they always send him seem to be more than simple insurance matters.

Think of Indiana Jones meets Rambo, and he looks like a sidekick!
39 Episodes...23 Mins; originally split into "Master Keaton TV" (24 episodes) + "Master Keaton OVA" (15 episodes)
R1 By Pioneer / Geneon
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Buy 7 6 7 7 8 9 Ggultra2764 [series:1257#1552]
Have to say I got quite the enjoyment out of seeing Master Keaton. Rather than being a complete mystery-action episodic series, Master Keaton also mixes in the everyday elements to Keaton's life involving his family, close friends and other confidants. Keaton's character is one of the more interesting ones I've had a chance of seeing in quite a while within an anime thanks to his well-educated and multi-talented background. Insurance investigator, former military man, survival expert, archaeologist, teacher; Keaton would be the kind of man that you would dream of being. He could even be comparable to MacGuyver in ways considering his ingenious use of normal everyday items to aid him in self-defense against foes during episodes that have action.

Beyond Keaton's character, the series also has a diverse cast of other prominent characters you can get latched on in the various episodic stories from family members like daughter Yuriko and father Taihei to various locals that Taichi interacts with in his travels to different European countries like France, Spain and Italy. Many of these characters (minus episodic baddies) are fleshed out enough where you get enough sense of their backgrounds in connection to either Taichi or whichever case he has taken on through his insurance investigation agency. The various different settings helped to allow more exposure into the different cultures within each country that Keaton visits which make for some worthwhile learning experiences. Just don't go watching this series if you are looking for ongoing plot developments as nearly all of the episodes have self-contained plots.

Overall, Master Keaton made for a unique viewing experience for me compliments of its varied focus on the situations faced by Keaton, its diverse settings, Keaton's very character and focus on the various characters that he encounters within said situations.

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Rent Forbin [series:1257#1573]
Drama : Med / High
Comedy : Low / Med
Action : Med / High
SciFi : Low / Med
Ecchi : Low

5 Episodes Watched
It's a nice little watch. Keaton is investigating insurance claims. But he's not Detective Conan, he just asks a few questions and usually pushes the wrong buttons to get his clients to react.

It's very episodic (So far we only learn of one other recurring character, his daughter). So I'll watch this slowly as it should be savored. But since it really didn't have any rewatch value for me I'll mark it RENT right now.

Last updated Monday, November 28 2005. Created Monday, November 28 2005.

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