Dosou Kai

Title:Dosou Kai
Yesterday Once More
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A young group of young high school friends meet up again for the first time in several years after they graduated. There are many new stories to be shared and old friendships to renew. But for one young man, he still remembers the daisies and the unsigned love letter that someone left in his locker back in those high school days. He suspects that it might be have been one of three girls and resolves to get close to each of each them, intent on discovering who was carrying a torch for him so long ago

4 Episode OVA (released in 1998)
Produced by KSS& Pink Pineapple

This title is a related to Dosou Kai Again

Not currently licensed R1-USA, but available as a fansub.
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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1161#967]
MEH !! ... and just in case you didn't hear me ... MEH !!!

This title is so dated and uninspiring that I am not even going to bother to rate it (.. it is somewhere between an avoid and watch). Having been derived from a poorly written and simple dating-sim game, this is really just a waste of time.

If you are interesting these types of stories, then check out Ajimu Beach Story (or perhaps Lamune) which actually has fun characters and a good story.

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