Kanaria--Kono Omoi o Uta ni Nosete

Title:Kanaria--Kono Omoi o Uta ni Nosete
Canary--Put This Feeling Into Song
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Notables: HORIE Yui
YUKINO Satsuki
In the present day, a young group of friends is eager for their band to play in an upcoming festival. Unfortunately for them, the stage has been cancelled! Now, they must race against the clock to convince the mayor to let them play their Canary's song... for fame and glory!

(Synopsis courtesy of Anime Recommendations Database) One 30 minute OVA; only available as a fansub.
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Avoid 6 5 6 5 3 Ggultra2764 [series:1116#1552]
From what I gather, this one-shot OVA is based on a bishoujo visual novel game and appears to exist to promote said game considering its haphazard pacing and reliance on sight gags to carry things to try covering up how paper-thin its story and characters otherwise are. Not sure how popular the game was during its time, but must be a forgettable one considering I didn't even know this existed until I came across it on the Retro Crush streaming site for a quick watch. This is largely skippable, unless you're a fan of the visual novel it's based off of (assuming you own or played it).

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Watch Stretch [series:1116#628]
In my mind, any anime that's new, costs next to nothing, and at least tries to be part of a genre I like (comedy), is entitled to thirty minutes of my time. Especially if thirty minutes is all there is, so I'm not committing myself to anything lengthy. I downloaded Canary some time ago, and it was waiting for me to be in a musical comedy mood. Reading a certain other review which completely panned this show motivated me to finally view it and commit my own opinion to the internet. Perhaps the one thing about Canary which most stands out is that this is one confusing show. A musical festival is going to be held, but some sort of "stage" (I don't think they were talking about the platform the performers stand on) has been cancelled, which is bad news for the main characters (if you can call them that--the names of all but two band members are either never revealled or used only once). Mika, the main protagonist, has made some sort of bet with the mayor (a woman who doubles as festival "coordinator")--the terms were unclear, but if she wins the "stage" will be restored (I think). So, as the limosine carrying the mayor leaves a tunnel, it will be pulled over and she'll be either delayed or kidnapped (hard to say), which will somehow allow the group to perform. Furthermore, star keyboard player Jun, who is no longer interested it being part of the band, will be abducted and whisked away to the festival, after which he'll no doubt laugh things off and do his part. Also, there's a girl on a train, coming because she too lost some sort of bet--I'm not sure why this subplot was included. You see what I meant when I described this show as "confusing"? Maybe the makers assumed anyone who would watch this would be familiar with some sort of dating simulation game it's based on. Being about a teenage band, the question of how good the music was comes up. Well, I categorize music as songs I'd like to hear again (which I record) and songs I'm no longer interested in--the music from Canary falls into the latter category. In spite of all these problems, I found Canary to have a certain silly charm to it--perhaps because it's so confusing. It doesn't take itself particularly serious (which would have been a disastrous mistake). There were enough laughs (plus the novelty of the show) to make it worth half an hour of my time (for some reason, the scene that sticks out in my memory is the one on the beach during the opening credits). Would I ever watch it again? I think I probably will, sooner or later. It's half an hour of mindless hijinx, well suited to times when I'm too tired to take notes (or worry about whether things make sense or not).


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