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Title Rating Synopsis
After War Gundam X Watch See Kidou Shin Seiki Gundam X
Beastketeers Rent See K.O. Beast
Canary--Put This Feeling Into Song Watch See Kanaria--Kono Omoi o Uta ni Nosete
Cuando las cigarras lloran - Gratitud (Spanish) Rent See Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei
Don't Lose, Makendo! Watch See Makeruna! Makendo

Galaxy Angel
Rent Meet the girls of the Angel Brigade: Forte, Vanilla, Mint and Ranpha. Joined by a timid and rather dense girl named Milfeulle, their elite group takes on various missions in space. Lately though, their missions became somewhat menial: saving cats, taking out the trash, going to amusement parks, driving an actor, to carrying important packages. Their real mission though is to find LOST TECHNOLOGY, (Technology from an older age that surpasses current technology) figure out what it does, and see if it can be used in current society. Whatever that 'lost technology' is, the girls are sure to have a crazy good time.
Galaxy Angel 2 Rent See Galaxy Angel Z
Galaxy Angel 3 Buy See Galaxy Angel A
Galaxy Angel 4 Watch See Galaxy Angel X

Galaxy Angel A
Buy The Angel Brigade has been disbanded after a petty argument and Forte, Ranpha, Mint, Vanilla and Milfeulle have all gone their own ways. The outfit which has replaced them, the Twin Star Team, has been enjoying somewhat more success recovering Lost Technology, and to avoid being laid off Colonel Volcott attempts to track down the girls and revive the Brigade. Now that the Angels are back, they are going to have to collect more Lost Technology, save more planets, and rescue more kittens than the Twin Star Team!
Galaxy Angel S Watch See Galaxy Angel X

Galaxy Angel X
Watch The girls are back. In this series of unconnected episodes we follow the girls, Normal, the Twin Angels and the latest addition, Chitose who wants to be an Angel but at the cost of all the other Angels.

Galaxy Angel Z
Rent The second season.
Gundam X Watch See Kidou Shin Seiki Gundam X

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei
Rent The endless cycle of murders has been broken and Rika is finally able to settle down for a normal life with her friends. However, she is involved in a traffic accident and wakes up in a world where everything is different. A world where no one committed the sins that shaped them into the persons they are. It's up to Rika to discover the truth behind this world and whether or not it truly is perfect.
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