Galaxy Angel Z

Title:Galaxy Angel Z
Galaxy Angel 2
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Notables: KANAI Mika
R1 License - Bandai (Defunct)
The second season.
[18 TV episodes, 10 minutes each. R1 license by Bandai.]
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Rent Stretch [series:1254#628]
(But not as "Renty" as Galaxy Angel)

Pretty much more of the same kawaii wackiness we've become accustomed to. I've just completed watching all three discs, and I'm not completely confident that this sequel matches the quality of the original series. Whereas the episodes of the original series seemed to have been written by a stand-up comic, and tended to end with a good joke, I'm frequently disappointed with the endings to these sequel episodes. It often feels as if the writer(s) just couldn't think of a good final joke, or just ran out of time and didn't even try. I completely do not get the point of the "bonus" episode in the extras category--it seemed another fairly serious episode for Forte, but nothing really came of it. Were they trying to be funny by pretending to be serious? One definite improvement: Don't miss the "Now I Get It! GA Lectures" segment in the "Extras" section. They've been changed into a neat Q&A format hosted by Millefeulle's Japanese VA. Lots of interesting questions, like "What are the Angels' ranks in the Transvaal military?" (guess who's in command!). Despite it's problems, this sequel series is frequently funny and a few episodes are true gems.

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